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August 20, 2014 - storage organizer

Rick Duncan, a organizer of Gerald’s dual newest Chambers of Commerce, called final Thursday to intent to a story in final week’s Republican stating a arrangement of a dual new Chambers.

The indignant Duncan felt a story should have been hold for a week, until he motionless to get behind to a reporter.

“I have to work for living, distinct some others,” Duncan pronounced several times.

Duncan also pronounced that while a story contained no fake information, there was law that was not printed.

He threatened to take movement opposite a reporter, a journal and a commerce (presumably he meant a Gerald Area Chamber of Commerce).

As final week’s story stated, Duncan was contacted around phone final Tuesday. He began responding questions, and afterwards explained he was in a prohibited storage strew in Houston. He asked if he could lapse a call in an hour. The contributor agreed.

Seven hours later, a story was filed though any additional feedback from Duncan. He did not lapse a call.

During final Thursday’s indignant phone call, Duncan asked for a face-to-face speak with a reporter, who concluded (who has, in fact, concluded to such a speak in a past, though it never materialized). He done it really transparent that he would be recording a interview. The contributor pronounced she didn’t care.

A time of 11:30 a.m. Saturday was tentatively set. Duncan pronounced he would check his report and call to endorse a appointment on Friday. He did not call on Friday.

At 11:25 a.m. on Saturday he did call. He suggested a discuss be deferred to Monday or Tuesday, that did not work for a reporter. Duncan afterwards suggested a phone review for 15 mins later. It was insincere he indispensable that time to set adult a recording equipment.

During this conversation, Duncan pronounced he spoke to dual aged city leaders who voiced to him  that before they die they’d like to see a city develop again.

That wish, he said, was one of his motivations to start another Chamber. It wasn’t a matter of green grapes, as Duncan pronounced some have suggested after his detriment to Jim Hackstedt as a new boss of a aged Chamber. He admits a choosing was “fair and square.”

Duncan continued that he has been boss of several companies and being a boss of a internal Chamber was not one of his passions.

“Yes, I’m aggressive. You need charge to make business grow,” Duncan noted.

Duncan claims that what set him off were 3 things. He declined to give specific names or instances in a initial dual cases.

1. Three new businesses came to Gerald – nothing got any acquire from a Chamber.

2. He was told by others that they were shunned by a Chamber.

3. When a male spoke during a final Chamber assembly a newly inaugurated boss rolled his eyes.

This is because Duncan says he shaped a Gerald Regional Chamber of Commerce — not to be confused with a Gerald Area Chamber of Commerce.

He says that unfortunately, all connected to Gerald is negative, so he felt it required to form  another Chamber though a Gerald name compared with it. Thus, a Rock Island Chamber of Commerce was formed.

Duncan says he would adore to work with a Gerald Chamber —an entity whose care he threatened to sue in July. He says he threatened that lawsuit usually to make a organisation follow a bylaws concerning elections.

Duncan asked that we imitation a genuine reasons because he started a Chamber.

We only did.

And we would have enclosed a information in final week’s story had Duncan returned a call as he pronounced he would.

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