New Bath Letters, Numbers And Toy Organizer Are Must Have Item For Parents

August 5, 2014 - storage organizer

( — Aug 5, 2014) Las Vegas, NV — Bath Letters Numbers, a fondle bath organizer sole by Freddie and Sebbie and over by Amazon, was currently expelled by Freddie and Sebbie, Las Vegas, NV heading child-friendly product’s provider famous for a top standards in quality, reserve and reliability.


According to Neil Speight, cofounder of Freddie and Sebbie, this new product is a finished lush 36-piece set of bath froth letters and numbers with a possess bath fondle organizer that’s ideal for storing bath toys while they dry.



“Besides a storage ability, a Bath Letters Numbers Organizer was aldo designed to learn children to spell and count with these bath froth letters and numbers when hang bath and wall tiles when wet,” pronounced Neil, who believes this is one ideal investment that comes with a lifetime guarantee.


“We trust in giving a really best to both primogenitor and child, and this accurately Bath Letters Numbers fondle organizer provides,” combined Neil.


Measured 7.5cm high, 5.5cm far-reaching and 1cm deep, a Bath Letters Numbers Bath Organizer is one fun, though a training apparatus relatives will find useful in assisting their children rise early training skills.

“We all know kids adore to learn, so because not assistance them learn in a bath with this lush 36 square froth bath letters and numbers se?” remarkable Neil.


Among a features, these lush 36-piece set of bath froth letters and numbers comes with, and a advantage to be had, include:


• It comes with a filigree bath fondle organizer
• Letters and numbers hang to a bathtub wall when wet.
• Made with froth so a letters and numbers boyant in water.
• It creates bath time fun.
• It helps to rise your children learn skills.
• Recommended ages: 3 years and up
• Lifetime NO-Hassle giveaway deputy guarantee


Observing how this luxurious froth bath letters and numbers set creates bath time an beguiling and relaxing knowledge with kids during their bath time, Neil said, “you’d be vacant while examination your tiny ones learn while their artistic playing… a product will really assistance them learn their alphabet, learn to count, learn to spell, learn opposite colors and many importantly, carrying fun along a way.”


About Freddie and Sebbie
Freddie and Sebbie is a code new association about to launch offered high quality, value for income baby products. We are dual brothers in a 40’s, married (not to any other) with 6 children between us, a youngest of that are dual baby twins called “Freddie and Sebbie”.


We privately have spent a tiny happening on baby products and accessories, and in a hunt for high quality, value for income products we have found some good products we can share, so we motionless to start a business charity them to other parents. We are certain you’re going to adore a products, and we all privately use them with a possess children.


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