New EasyClosets Adjustable Shoe Organizer Elevates Shoe Organization

June 16, 2017 - storage organizer

EasyClosets®, a heading online DIY classification solutions provider, is giving consumers some-more fit ways to classify and store their boots with a launch of an innovative new classification system: a Adjustable Shoe Organizer.

For many consumers, collecting boots is a pleasure, though storing them can be a source of pain. Piling boots on a floor, storing them out of steer in boxes or bins, or gripping them in several places around a home can lead to singular entrance and visibility. Other shoe storage products, including customary shoe racks, cubbies, slot shoe organizers, or shoe boxes, might not fit their shoe collection ideally or adjust simply when they refurbish or supplement some-more pairs.

“When it comes to shoes, palliate of use equates to magnitude of use,” pronounced Jon King, Design Manager for The Stow Company, a primogenitor association of EasyClosets. “If we have no simple, discerning approach to get a new span of boots into your closet system, they’ll expected stay in a strange box, expelling prominence and withdrawal we with an array of containers that have no dimensional or manifest attribute to any other.”

In response to these challenges, EasyClosets combined a Adjustable Shoe Organizer. “Our goals were to make it most easier for consumers to supplement or mislay a span of boots but impacting their whole classification complement – and to make it easy to see and entrance any span they own,” pronounced King.

This stretchable new organizer adjusts simply as boots and seasons change, provides classification for any span in one place to urge visibility, and maximizes use of straight storage space with a clean, superb appearance.


Featuring stout powder-coated steel shelves that can be changed adult and down easily, a Adjustable Shoe Organizer creates particular storage spaces for any span of flats, heels, and boots. This allows consumers to tailor storage to their possess shoe collection and adjust a shelves to say a ideal fit as their collection grows or changes. Held in place by removable steel pins, a shelves can be changed but tools, creation it elementary to add, mislay or file shoes.

“With many shoe storage systems, mixed forms of boots are placed onto any shelf, creation straight spacing between shelves theme to a tallness of a tallest shoe,” pronounced King. “Varying shoe tallness formula in a detriment of space. That’s what creates a Adjustable Shoe Organizer so innovative – a slim, particular steel shelves give any span a possess designated storage space, ensuing in a some-more fit solution.”


A accessible centralized plcae creates it easier and some-more fit to find and put divided boots any day. With a open pattern of a Adjustable Shoe Organizer, any span stays visible, creation it probable to crop an whole shoe collection during once, afterwards squeeze and go.


Refined aesthetics make a Adjustable Shoe Organizer a pleasure to have in a home. Available in 4 on-trend tone options for particular customization, a steel shelves underline a slim form with a clean, complicated look. This space-saving pattern leaves some-more room between shelves for storing boots and ensures that boots – not hardware – sojourn a focal point.

The Adjustable Shoe Organizer also integrates seamlessly into an EasyClosets tradition closet system. EasyClosets’ discerning online pattern apparatus creates it quick and elementary to emanate your possess organizer, and veteran closet designers are also accessible to yield pattern suggestions, answer questions, or emanate tradition designs during no cost to a consumer.

About EasyClosets

EasyClosets, a code of The Stow Company, is a heading online provider of do-it-yourself tradition storage and classification systems for all areas of a home, including closets, pantry, washing room, entryway, and vital areas. EasyClosets products are sole essentially online during and shipped approach to customers’ homes. For some-more information, revisit, a brand’s Pinterest pages, or join a review on Facebook during or on Twitter (@easyclosets).

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