Nine Photos and a Gif from a Fire Spinning Over a Weekend during Golden Gardens

April 26, 2016 - storage organizer

Captain Clint, as he calls himself, not usually spins fire, though breathes it as well.

The “Fire Gathering” during Golden Gardens over a weekend, hosted by a graduation association (with “very chill vibes”) called Under Ground Visions, was dictated to be most larger, though a incomparable entertainment was cancelled final notation since of probable rain. Despite a continue and a cancellation, over a hundred people collected during a north finish of Golden Gardens, on a west corner of Ballard, including several folks who danced to a DJ personification in a trees.

Boombox man was using around a beach from a time we arrived, until we left, personification EDM by a speakers and dancing his pants off.

The Seattle Police Department arrived early with a mobile authority unit, a half dozen cars and SUVs, and an SPD bus. According to an eventuality organizer, SPD crashed a celebration since “they were concerned” about safety, fuel storage, throng size, and an improper date on a permit. The gathering’s organizers were warned that if there were any complaints of extreme sound or vulnerable behavior, a eventuality would be close down. Organizers supposing confidence in a aegis section and dual attendants with glow blankets and glow extinguishers were in a roped off opening area.

Elli Anderson spins glow balls trustworthy with wires to daunt a crowd.

This man had a fiery round of glow on a 10 feet sequence that looked like a good approach to set a residence on fire. Dont do this inside BTW.

This man spins his glow balls in nylon shorts and unclothed feet.

Only a few singed hairs were observed. There were no arrests. Organizers are formulation for a incomparable eventuality in midst May.

Marcette performs a slight with her glow sword, a use sword is lonesome in Kevlar wick and dipped in white gas.

This man suspicion it would be cold to dress as a jester and spin fire.

This glow eater took a fiery stick, non-stop his mouth, and put a glow out.

Nicole Spiegel or NicHoopLove as her friends call her, raises a bar with dual hoops on fire.


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