October fundraiser was for Rock Hall of Fame and more

January 13, 2015 - storage organizer

Thanks to an Oct fundraiser in Newton, a gymnasium has inched closer to displaying a collections of stone story in a some-more considerable way.

The Oct. 25 “Rock a Rink” advantage concert, hold during a West Gate Coliseum roller-skating course in Newton, brought in adequate income to make dual vast contributions.

A group, that enclosed Newton proprietor and longtime oldies stone organizer Dennis Farland, presented a check to a Iowa Rock Roll Hall Music Association for about $3,000, and set adult a $500 grant account for Newton High School Class of 2015 song and rope students.

“We were going to minister to a IRRMA grant account for this year, though they’ve already met that fund,” Farland said. “So we finished a concession to them and are regulating a rest here in Newton.”

Farland pronounced a Iowa Rock Roll Hall of Fame is housed in a small, rented building in Arnolds Park on a easterly seaside of West Okoboji Lake, and is fundraising to build a permanent structure in that area. The rented trickery “needs work” in terms of disrepair, Farland said, and most of a memorabilia is in storage, with no room for it to be displayed.

The lineup for a Oct. 25 unison featured NHS comparison and former American Idol competitor Dani Heikkila, 2010 IRRMA Spirit Award target Richie Lee and his band, The Fabulous 50s; and members of Newton’s possess 8-Track Band.

“We got about 600 people to come out,” Farland said, describing a event.

Newton High staff (possibly a school’s superintendence counselors, Farland said) examination that 2015 connoisseur will get a $500 scholarship. The grant is for seniors formulation on majoring in song in college, and Farland pronounced adequate income was lifted for a 2016 connoisseur to get a $500 grant as well.

Farland pronounced a Newton High Scholarship will be called a “Winter Dance Party Tour Memorial Scholarship.”

The Winter Dance Party Tour finished with a “Day a Music Died” Feb craft pile-up north of Clear Lake that killed Holly, Valens, J.P. “Big Bopper” Richardson and a pilot, Roger Peterson of Alta. IRRMA has finished advantage work in a hometowns of all 4 pile-up victims.

As arrange of third outcome of a fundraiser, a check for $100 was given to Heikkila by a Rock a Rink cabinet as partial of a gift bid that gets Christmas gifts for children whose relatives are incarcerated, Farland said.

Farland, a licence member of IRRMA when it was shaped in a mid-1990s, has been concerned with many oldies-rock shows and tours by a years. He helped classify a Winter Dance 40th Anniversary Tour, personification in a same cities as a luckless 1959 tour.

Valens’ sister, Connie, was so tenderly embraced by a people of Iowa, she motionless to pierce from California to a Arnold’s Park area in 2012. She told a Sioux City Journal that Iowa “has turn a home we never knew we had,” and Farland pronounced gift work is as critical as flitting down believe about musicians like Ritchie Valens.

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