Olympian to foster lapse of matchstick in Wadsworth

March 19, 2015 - storage organizer

In 1972, Wadsworth proprietor Dave Wottle dumbfounded a universe with a come-from-behind feat in a 800-meter lurch during a Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany.

At a annual Blue Tip Festival a subsequent year, Wottle was handed a vast rite compare to designate a Olympics and his victory.

Now Wottle will be fasten Wadsworth city officials and MatchStick 5K/10K Challenge organizers by a video call currently to speak about his feat and a 2015 competition slated for Jun 26.

As partial of a proclamation of this year’s event, a aged matchstick will be brought out of storage.

The event’s organizer, John Powell, of Wadsworth, pronounced a competition is a rebirth of progressing runs with importance placed on Wottle’s rite matchstick.

“The winners of a competition will have their names engraved on a matchstick for record-keeping purposes,” he said. “We are going to couple past to benefaction permanently.”

Just like Wottle lined adult opposite a world’s best in 1972, racers will line adult on a streets of Wadsworth to get their possibility during owning a bit of a city’s history.

“There have been some races in a past tied to a matchstick festival, though there hasn’t been one in a few years,” Powell said. “This is going to have some-more of a large competition environment.”

The competition will be tied to what is called a Ohio Challenge Series, a organisation of orderly using events via Ohio.

The competition will take runners by ancestral downtown Wadsworth and lead them to a finish line during a 50-yard line during a Wadsworth High School stadium.

There, a winners will be bestowed with a rite matchstick, only like Wottle was after returning from Munich in 1972.

Powell pronounced a matchstick has been in storage for 42 years and has been easy to a strange state. Winners of a competition also will accept a $50 money prize.

The matchstick will be emblazoned with a winner’s name and put on arrangement via a year inside city-owned buildings, Powell said.

Wottle, 65, will be benefaction over a video feed as a matchstick is re-introduced to a open during a 4 p.m. assembly during Wadsworth City Hall.

He now works as halt clamp boss for enrollment during Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware.

The annual Blue Tip Festival takes place each year in late June.

Racers can pointer adult for a 5K/10K Challenge during www.matchstickrace.com. Registration is $28.50 by Mar 31 and $30.50 after that.

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