On-Farm Produce Sales Allowed

September 5, 2014 - storage organizer

Sheridan County farmers can now sell a products they lift directly to Sheridan County residents on their farms.

County commissioners progressing this week authorized a fortitude that allows on-farm sell sales and rural estimate land that is zoned agricultural.

Commissioners adopted a chronicle endorsed by a county formulation and zoning elect that requires during slightest 75 percent of products sole to be grown on a landowner’s farm, and boundary estimate and storage of processed products to products grown on a landowner’s farm. The fortitude prohibits blurb massacre or estimate of beef or livestock.

Among proponents of a fortitude is Powder River Basin Resource Council in Sheridan. In a minute to commissioners in late July, apparatus legislature organizer Bill Bensel pronounced a zoning amendment was a grass-roots bid of county residents. He talked about a apparatus council’s involvement.

He talked about a advantages to county farmers and to county residents.

Bensel pronounced producers who wanted to sell their products on-site in a past have had to go by a difficult and dear redeeming use assent process. He pronounced that has been an obstacle. The fortitude also perceived unanimous publicity from a Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Ag and Natural Resource Committee.

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