Picasa is Dead. Here Are 5 Free Alternatives for Online Image Software

March 3, 2016 - storage organizer

Google recently announced that, starting Mar 16, it would no longer support a Picasa desktop application.

Though Picasa is a apparent print organizer and editor, Google has had most some-more success with a newer print storage and pity application, Google Photos. Though a module will continue to work if we now use it, or download it before it’s shutdown subsequent month, Google will not offer destiny updates.

The best march of movement for Picasa users is to switch to an alternative:

1. Google Photos

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 during 11.34.41 AM.png

This would be a apparent subsequent choice. The association is already enlivening Picasa users to switch to their newer platform, Google Photos. They have also done it super easy to do so. The association has told a users that, to entrance and cgange photos they already have stored on Picasa, all they need to do is record into Google Photos, where all their photos and videos will be automatically uploaded.

2. Windows Live Photo Gallery


For Windows users refusing to hang with Google, a Windows Live Photo Gallery is substantially your best alternative. The set adult is identical to Picasa and is a one-source plcae for modifying images and uploading them directly to Facebook, Flickr or other amicable media sites. It has a lot of easy to do facilities that Picasa users will be used to-such as rotating photos, resizing images, adding captions and environment a Geo location.

3. Zoner Photo Studio


If you’re not a fan of Windows or Picasa, check out Zoner Photo Studio. Okay—so this one’s not free, though a module does offer a 30-day giveaway hearing and afterwards a $45 Home chronicle or a $65 Pro version. It has a good setup and allows we to download and revise your photos in one place. Plus, we can get some-more modernized facilities for modifying that we didn’t have in Picasa.

4. Phototheca


Phototheca creates it unequivocally easy to manage, classify and arrange your photos in one place on your desktop. The association offers a giveaway and paid version, both charity a library for we to import your images to. It also offers a few singular features, such as displaying photos by calendar or in a timeline mode, in further to customary features, such as slideshows and print browsing.

5. ACDSee

folder tree.png

This module is both a print government and photo-editing height designed to concede users to simply and fast revise photos. You can classify your photos however we want—chronological, tone matching, etc.—and simply hunt for a given photo. Additionally, ACDSee offers modifying features, such as requesting filters, regulating sketch and preference tools, shortening red eye and allows we to supplement borders, vignettes and texts to images.

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