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June 16, 2015 - storage organizer

We’ve been conference a lot about print hunt recently, and with a outrageous contentment of images shot, roughly each photographer now finds it a plea to systematise and conduct burgeoning print collections — no reduction locate a exact shot they’re looking for.

Photo apps like Flickr, Google Photos and PhotoTune — occupy formidable algorithms that can possibly commend specific objects in your photos or differently specify and systematise your images in various ways to assistance out with that task.

The newest entrant into this locus is PicJoy from HitLabs, an iPhone app rising today, that automatically organizes your photos around visible and contextual clues.

picjoy1Auto tagging — some items are not helpful.

As a deep-learning organizer, PicJoy automatically tags images on your iPhone and in your iCloud comment and lets we arrange photos formed on location, date and context. PicJoy’s involuntary categorization feature gathers information like date, season, weather, holidays, events and landmarks. 

In experimenting with a pre-release chronicle of a app, we found those tags abundant — maybe even a small too detailed. One design we shot during a Lafayette Reservoir contained no fewer than 20 opposite tags trimming from a ubiquitous — United States —  to a specific, Lafayette Reservoir. Other tags enclosed Weekend, park and Flag Day (yes, it was Flag Day — who knew?).

Another image, of a California Golden poppy, had identical tags, mostly involving plcae and time, yet never an marker of a flower itself, or even that there was a flower in a design since right now a app relies on EXIF and other location, weather, and day of week forms of data, as against to design recognition.

picjoy3Searching with automobile tags

For that, PicJoy lets we supplement tags to any image, yet during this theatre in a app’s development, tags that we supplement will not lift over to identical images. For example, we tagged my cat Ruby as Cat and also as Ruby. However, zero of a other 20 cinema of her picked adult that tag.

A “machine learning” approach, where mechanism prophesy tech will start to commend patterns and objects found within photos, is also entrance soon, according to HitLabs co-founder Shane Bills.

Small things were jarring: some tags ran too prolonged for a space and were cut off with ellipses. When acid for times like Night, a app apparently clocked to my current time zone rather than a time section when a print was shot. Weather like Sunny brought adult shots that were taken indoors. we could not mislay irrelevant tags.

But PicJoy isn’t usually about hunt — once we find your photo, you’ll wish to share it with someone or maybe usually call it out for yourself. For that, a app offers a story underline lets we annotate comparison photos to yield improved context and memories surrounding a sold image. 


At a moment, PicJoy’s storytelling underline is zero some-more than a singular print and a heading of any length we choose. There’s zero wrong with that — I’m utterly lustful of photos and captions — though it’s rather a slight clarification of storytelling. It would have been good to have a choice to supplement photos as a sequence, and Bills says that is expected to be combined in destiny versions. 

Captions will also be used after as another partial of a hunt algorithm. Story pity capabilities will also urge over time.

PicJoy preserves a remoteness of a users by usually storing metadata on its servers to systematise your photos, not to use your information – a app scans a print collection and relates tags, and afterward photos are erased from everywhere though your phone.

picjoy4Manual tagging

At launch, a app is concordant with iCloud, though other cloud storage integrations such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon Photos are promised.

PicJoy is a 1.0 app and really a work in progress. While a newness is revealed in some bare-bones facilities during launch, we demeanour brazen to a association stuffing in a gaps and creation a app some-more stretchable and complete.

PicJoy is accessible for giveaway in a iTunes Store and is optimized a iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It runs on iOS 8.

PicJoy [iOS]

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