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By Carla Marinucci (cmarinucci@politico.com; @cmarinucci)

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WHAT’S UP, CALI: Election Day approaching, some-more endorsements, income and discuss appearances north and south. The word is “infrastructure” in California these days, along with probable entrance floods….? But initial let’s start with:

AHEAD OF THE CURVE? — Chad Griffin, boss of a Human Rights Campaign — a country’s largest LGBT polite rights classification — tells POLITICO that Silicon Valley businesses are during a forefront of corporate support for a national legislative pull for extensive LGBT and transgender rights.

“A bipartisan infancy of a American public support a Equality Act, as does a American business community, including a flourishing series of heading companies located right here in a Bay Area— Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Intel, Levi Strauss, Oracle, Qualcomm Symantec, PayPal, and AirBnb,’’ pronounced Griffin, who addressed a HRC’S celebration cooking this weekend during a Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. He lauds business leaders like Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com, who was instrumental in organizing a widespread protest after Indiana legislators upheld a argumentative “religious freedom” law progressing this year that critics called anti-gay. “Business gets it,” Griffin said.

Griffin, a former Clinton White House insider, was a longtime organizer in Hollywood and politics before he founded a American Foundation for Equal Rights — a organisation that took on authorised hurdles to California’s anti-gay matrimony list magnitude Prop. 8, and that put together a authorised organisation of Ted Olson and David Boies to successfully disagree a emanate before a U.S. Supreme Court.

Now, he says, a subsequent legislative idea is fluctuating LGBT and transgender polite rights in 31 states that still miss full protection. The HRC is pulling for support of The Equality Act, that he says “establishes explicit, permanent protections opposite discrimination” formed on passionate course or gender temperament in areas that extend to housing, employment, education, jury service, even entrance to open places.

Griffin’s HRC eventuality in SF this weekend enclosed honoring Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose, who he pronounced “has truly forged out his place in history” per LGBT rights.

“He is unequivocally an unsung hero,” especially Griffin said, in a area of transgender rights. Honda has talked plainly of his transgender grandchild “with adore and pride..and it has helped, during slightest in Congress, to spin some of a heat down and to pierce folks into being supportive. He’s one of a keys in relocating some of his colleagues.”

Link to HRC track of California’s information on LGBT legislation: http://bit.ly/1WczAdW

HILLARY HEADS BACK TO BAY — The Democratic presidential claimant doesn’t stay divided prolonged from a Mother Lode ATM. She’s behind in Norcal Nov. 4-5 for a two-day fundraising swing. http://bit.ly/1P0czVK

Here’s a outline of a events:

Sacramento lunch hosted by Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis at a home of Angelo Sofia Tsakopoulos. Wednesday, Nov. 4, 11:30 a.m.. Tickets $2,700 (includes photo) to $27,000 (includes horde accepting and “membership in a Hillstarter program), eventuality horde — $50,000. http://bit.ly/1WcRFU2

— Silicon Valley “Family Celebration” hosted by Anne, Esther, Janet and Susan Wojcicki. Wednesday, Nov. 4, 3 p.m., Los Altos Hills, Tickets: $1,000 for one adult and dual kids, $2,700 adult to $27,000 for print and reception. http://bit.ly/1WcRFU2

— Napa “Evening with Hillary Clinton hosted by Ambassador Kathryn Hall and Craig Hall during Hall Wines, St. Helena, Nov. 5, TBA. Tickets $250 friend, $1,000 unite (includes VIP booze reception,) $2,700 includes photo; $27,000 co-host; $50,000 host.

Welcome to a POLITICO California Playbook. GOT A TIP? FEEDBACK? EVENTS? NEWS TO SHARE? LET us know: cmarinucci@politico.com or @cmarinucci

FOR MORE political and process news from California, check out: http://politi.co/1jxQWRl

OUR LUNCH WITH … Harmeet Dhillon, a outspoken clamp chair of a California Republican Party, and a initial minority lady to reason a statewide GOP caring position. Bio: San Francisco attorney, daughter of regressive Sikhs, innate in India, lifted in farming North Carolina. Eats: Hog Island Oyster Farm, Ferry Building, ceasar salad and clam chowder.


Assemblyman Ian Calderon’s wedding, an eventuality where lobbyists and energy players burnished elbows, and guest were asked to give income presents (though Democrat Calderon says lobbyists were requested not to give during all): “The entrance of impropriety is towering — not to discuss a tackiness. Can’t his district do improved than electing a authority from a dynasty of corruption?”

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who motionless not to run for third tenure in a arise of a video that alleges he’s guilty of passionate assault: “It’s a duty of double standards in multitude about sports figures…people demeanour a other approach given of a enlightenment of glorification, and exploitation.”

On a GOP presidential race: “I’m strictly going to sojourn neutral during this stage, and we have not nonetheless done adult my mind, yet I’m astounded during Jeb Bush’s bad display in a polls. Right now, it’s looking like (Marco) Rubio is a male to kick among a mainstream candidates. Ben Carson, come on, he’s competent to do mind medicine — yet president?”

And “I wish Donald Trump would dump out already so we could concentration on a genuine candidates. He has no story of regressive meditative and no awake ideology. we consider he’s unequivocally rooting for Hillary. … She contingency be rooting for him to be a Republican nominee!”

THE we WORD — In a state as large as California, it’s all about “infrastructure:” check out two large front-pagers on pricey CA issues this week: a initial one on an LA Times low dive into an emanate that Gov. Jerry Brown aggressively pushed, nonetheless newly has been wordless about:

— Special report: “$68-billion California bullet sight plan approaching to mistake check and deadline targets,” by Los Angeles Times’ Ralph Vartabedian: “The staggering charge of building California’s bullet sight will need punching 36 miles of tunnels by a geologically challenging plateau north of Los Angeles.

“It will be a many desirous tunneling plan in a nation’s history.

The commitment: “to start carrying passengers between Burbank and Merced in a initial proviso of a $68-billion high-speed rail couple between Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

“However, a Times research of plan documents, as good as interviews with scientists, engineers and construction experts, indicates that a deadline and check targets will roughly positively be missed — and that a state has underestimated a hurdles ahead, quite completing a tunneling on time.” http://lat.ms/1RuLf0X

— And SF Chron’s Jaxon Van Derbeken’s fibre of inquisitive stories about a dear troubles of a new Bay Bridge — and flourishing questions about a safety:

“Fear of disaster grow for rods on Bay Bridge,”’ by SF Chronicle’s Jaxon Van Derbeken: “New papers lift questions about a firmness of a steel rods that reason together a Bay Bridge eastern camber and indicate to potentially widespread problems that experts advise could lead to beforehand failure.

“An operative who complicated little cracks found in flooded rods during a bottom of a bridge’s building — a problem Caltrans has downplayed — rescued identical cracks in rods elsewhere on a $6.4 billion span. That cracking, experts say, could make a rods distant some-more exposed to disaster than a organisation has acknowledged. http://bit.ly/1PP5Aja

** A summary from PhRMA: In 2013 alone, a biopharmaceutical courtesy invested some-more than $1.1 billion dollars in clinical trials in California. Learn some-more about a mercantile impact of clinical trials in a communities at: http://bit.ly/1heUVjK **

BRIDGE BYE-BYE — “Hundreds Gather as LA Says Goodbye to Sixth Street Bridge,” by Los Angeles Times’ Frank Shyong: It starred in “Grease” and “Fast and Furious,” yet a 3,500-foot petrify overpass that connects a downtown to Boyle Heights will be scrapped subsequent year. Hundreds of people collected there Saturday for a festival to symbol a closing. A new 6th Street Bridge, a $428-million plan approaching to open in 2019. http://lat.ms/1WdhbO2

WILLIE BROWN PREDICTS — Hillary’s regulating partner in Sunday “Willie’s World” mainstay — “It’ll be one of a Castro brothers…I’m articulate about Julian, former Mayor of San Antonio, who is secretary of Housing Urban Development, and his twin brother, Joaquin, a Congressman from Texas…think of it — a initial lady to conduct a ticket, with a initial Latino to land on any ticket.” http://bit.ly/1Rw60t9

TRIPPI TELLS ALL — Dem strategist Joe Trippi, “the honour of San Jose State,” gives Calbuzz an research of a 2016 presidential competition and Hillary’s quest: “For months a domestic punditry category was possibly blind or simulated it couldn’t see things that should have been transparent when it came to Hillary Clinton’s strengths.

“When someone as good famous as Hillary starts a competition with 60% of a opinion opposite a garland of Democrats no one has ever listened of, dual things are true: some of that opinion is soft, formed on name identification, and someone else is going to get a 35% of a opinion that isn’t with her.” http://bit.ly/1LwBqhE

DROUGHTLAND — And after months, make that years, of stories about a hardships of ancestral drought in California, now a worries about a entrance Godzilla El Nino are clearly a entertainment storm...

FLOOD FEARS, ALREADY? — “Californians being urged to buy inundate word even if they’re not nearby water,” by San Jose Mercury News’ Paul Rogers: “With a strongest El Niño conditions in scarcely 20 years already underway in a Pacific Ocean and chances augmenting for complicated storms this winter, sovereign puncture officials on Friday urged Californians to buy inundate word — even those who don’t live nearby creeks or rivers. From Roy Wright, a emissary associate executive during a Federal Emergency Management Agency in Washington, D.C. “If there ever was a time to buy inundate insurance, this is that time.” http://bayareane.ws/1H38Sbs

WET WINTER A WIN? — Release: “Today, a Almond Board of California announced a new partnership with Sustainable Conservation focused on exploring a intensity of California’s one million acres of almond orchards to feed California’s groundwater. The partnership launches usually as California is entering a much-anticipated El Niño year, that could pierce an unusually soppy winter. Groundwater recharge earnings H2O to subterraneous aquifers, collectively California’s largest H2O storage system, by managed flooding with anniversary floodwaters.”

TAKING THIS CONSERVATION THING TOO FAR — “Beer Made from Recycled Wastewater passes a blind ambience test,” by SFChronicle’s Peter Fimrite

“It was a tough call, yet Hugo Von Meijenfeldt suspicion he rescued a spirit of wanderer wastewater in a drink that he had usually gulped. The blind tasting was an try by Maverick’s Brewing Co., an associate of Half Moon Bay Brewing Co., to pierce courtesy to a significance of regulating wastewater as a apparatus and quarrel what H2O officials call a “yuck factor.’” http://bit.ly/1R6vnlo

HOG HEAVEN NO MORE “Water Hogs May finally be outed,’’ By Los Angeles Times’ Monte Morin: “Decades before someone coined a Twitter hashtag #droughtshaming and people began posting YouTube videos of their neighbors’ drowning lawns, California H2O suppliers speedy charge by releasing a names of their biggest H2O hogs.

Things are opposite today. As California struggles by a misfortune dry spell on record, water providers such as a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power have refused to hold a names of California’s tip residential H2O users.

“‘The people who were during risk of being abashed were rich and had some domestic clout,’ pronounced Peter Scheer, executive executive of a San Rafael-based First Amendment Coalition. ‘Some of them were positively behind amending a open annals law.’” http://lat.ms/1WcsKQj

BRACE YOURSELVES, LARRY’S BACK — Oracle Open World, a largest 2015 gathering in SF — strike city Sunday, bringing with it 60,000 conventioneers, as good as downtown travel closures, trade tie-ups, movement track cancellations..and there’s more!

The locals adore it (not), that creates for observations like this:

“Oracle’s Annual Closure of SF has begun” by SFFist’s Eve Batey: http://bit.ly/1PMjUd6

Then again, lots of responsibility comment cash being thrown around city — a SF Business Times says a convo fills adult 21,400 hotel bedrooms alone per night. http://bit.ly/1R736Lv

Chairman Larry Ellison kicked off a grand festivities Sunday with a live waves event.

And a whole thing wraps adult Wednesday with Elton John and Beck in unison during a Oracle Appreciation Day on Treasure Island. http://bit.ly/1KOBjL2

HARRIS, NO SANCHEZ, AT DEM EVENT — “Kamala Harris brings Senate discuss to Escondido” by San Diego Union Tribune’s Morgan Lee: “California’s tip law coercion central pushed brazen Saturday with her bid to attain timid U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer in a 2016 elections, roving to a internal Democratic gathering in a regressive heart of northern San Diego County.

Addressing some-more than 400 internal Democrats inside a opening gymnasium in downtown Escondido, State Attorney General Kamala Harris touted her on-going process bulletin — including support for expanding entrance to family leave, ill days and preschool child caring — along with a need to be “smart on crime.” Rep. Loretta Sanchez, who is severe Harris, was invited to a Democratic eventuality yet “declined to attend” given of a scheduling conflict, celebration officials said. http://bit.ly/1GsFYXD


RIGHT OUTTA “HOMELAND” — “Al Qaeda believer identified as son of Hollywood Veteran,”’ by Variety’s Tim Gray: An Al Qaeda believer named Abu Basir Al-Britani, who appears in an online video, is indeed a son of Hollywood oldster Patrick Kinney, who served as partner executive on such films as “Braveheart,” “Indiana Jones and a Last Crusade” and “Rambo: First Blood Part II.”

The website Intelligence Group posted a video, that shows a bearded male with a British accent slamming ISIS for destroying a encampment in northern Syria, in a core of Ramadan. CNN reports that a male is Lucas Kinney, a son of a partner director. Lucas Kinney is a member of Al-Nusra, a Al-Qaeda bend in Syria.” http://bit.ly/1GAJPBA Link to YouTube video: https://youtu.be/xuARrI8a1VY

CHOW DOWN — “Eva Chow, a enlightenment black of Los Angeles,” by New York Times’ Brooks Barnes: “Mrs. Chow has also turn maybe a many high-profile member of a house of a Los Angeles County Museum of Art, no tiny attainment deliberation that a 53-member house includes a likes of Elaine Wynn, Casey Wasserman and Lynda Resnick. Starting in 2011, Mrs. Chow began a new bid to lift income for film-related programming. Her ensuing Art Film Gala, sponsored by Gucci and hold subsequent on Nov. 7, has given been deemed a West Coast chronicle of Anna Wintour’s Met Gala.

“While some distinguished Angelenos courage their teeth over Mrs. Chow’s subtly unsubtle character (one cited an essay that called her “a challenging aromatic steamroller of a woman”), even a unconverted concur that she substantially reigns as a city’s tip hostess. Last year, she regaled President Obama and Kanye West — during a same time — in a family’s Macassar-ebony-lined library. “She throws a many glamorous parties in all of L.A.,” Inez outpost Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, a conform photographers, wrote in an email. http://bit.ly/1H39IVy


GOOD demeanour during how Oakland seeks to successfully conduct a impacts of growth, gentrification and more…

“TECH-QUITY” TEST — “5 ways Oakland can safety a essence in a tech boom,’’ by SF Chronicle’s Joe Garofoli: “Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has been regulating a new word newly to report her prophesy for a record heart flourishing in her city: ‘Tech-quity.’ With Uber formulation to open a 3,000-person bureau in a long-underutilized Sears Building in downtown Oakland, there is no branch behind a tech waves rolling opposite a bay. Though usually 3.1 percent of Oakland’s workforce is in a tech sector, that series is certain to grow as other companies follow Uber’s lead, seeking bureau space during a entertain of a cost of San Francisco. The doubt is what kind of tech heart will Oakland become.” http://bit.ly/1k38Ef4

FRIENDLY FACEBOOK — “Facebook becomes a salvation for patients seeking organ donations,” by SF Mercury News’ Queenie Wong: “Jason Rubinstein’s kidneys were failing, and as he anxiously waited for an organ transplant, a Ohio studious knew time wasn’t on his side. Rubinstein incited to Facebook to share his health struggles. His wife’s crony from high propagandize review a post, stepped adult to present and incited out to be a match.” http://bayareane.ws/1KyD26G


GOLDEN STATE FIRST — California Law aims to assistance immigrants get visas by AP’s Amy Taxin: ‘Nubia Rodriguez was assaulted and kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend, crimes that done her authorised for a special visa for immigrants in a U.S. illegally. To apply, she indispensable law coercion officials that rubbed a box to pointer paperwork documenting a crime and her assistance in a investigation. She contacted a San Joaquin County District Attorney’s bureau yet never got an answer.

‘Her knowledge is not surprising and led California lawmakers to pass and Gov. Jerry Brown to pointer legislation requiring internal military or prosecutors to pointer a form that newcomer crime victims need to request for a supposed “U visa” so prolonged as they are differently eligible.

“The pierce creates California a initial state to adopt such a magnitude and a legislature expects law coercion agencies will comply, pronounced Claire Conlon, a mouthpiece for check author and state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon. http://bit.ly/1H39IVy

GUNNING FOR GUN LAW — “LA Ban on High Capacity Ammunition Target of Lawsuit,” by Dakota Smith, Los Angeles Daily News: “Gun owners and California law coercion officers are suing a city of Los Angeles, claiming a anathema on high-capacity magazines violates state regulations.

“Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko (is) one of 30 sheriffs opposite a state who filed a lawsuit Friday,…the California Rifle and Pistol Association, that is a state-affiliated organisation of a National Rifle Association, and a California Reserve Peace Officers Association also assimilated a lawsuit.” http://bit.ly/1NZBRER

COSTS CONTROLLED — ‘Amid Debate on Drug Prices, California Leads a Way on Cost Controls,” by San Jose Mercury News’ Tracey Seipel: “The Golden State’s bid to tackle a emanate of skyrocketing drug prices is among a many assertive in a nation, opening adult a wider discuss over an courtesy whose sales comment for 10 percent of a nation’s $3 trillion in annual medical costs.” http://bayareane.ws/1O18oKE

SFGOP on SANCTUARY — Release: The San Francisco Republican Party has voted unanimously to support a position of a California Republican Party’s height saying “that sovereign appropriation should be denied to refuge cities that exclude to concur with immigration officials. These cities are undermining Federal law, and putting a adults during risk.”

MORE OAKLAND MOVES — “Sierra Club Moving To Oakland,’’ by The Registry’s Robert Carlsen: “The Sierra Club, a venerable, 123-year-old environmental classification founded by John Muir, recently assimilated a flourishing list of San Francisco-based firms and institutions make-up adult and relocating to Oakland.” http://bit.ly/1GCWjIU

DIFI DEFENDS HIL — “Feinstein says Hillary Could Confront Putin,” by Breitbart News’ Joel B. Pollak: “U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein praised Hillary Clinton’s opening during a House Select Committee on Benghazi final week as “presidential,” saying: “I could see her opposite a list from [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.”

Clinton “showed a expostulate and a staying power and a motivation,” Feinstein pronounced in a discussion call with reporters, as reported by a Sacramento Bee.



— In CA-44, a district with scarcely 50 percent Latino voters, State Senator Isadore Hall permitted by a United Farm Workers.

Release from United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez: “Senator Isadore Hall stood adult and fought so that California’s plantation workers and their families could have health word after a special interests in Washington cut plantation workers out of Obamacare. … Latino families, immigrants, and a families need this male in Congress.”

— In CA-46, former State Senator Lou Correa was by Rep. Raul Ruiz. Statement from Ruiz: “He’s awfully competent to offer in Congress, and we know he’ll be an effective champion and disciple on interest of Southern California families. I’m unapproachable to support him.”


Orange County Register — “Utilities spend heavily to Influence State Politics,” by Teri Sforza

Sacramento Bee –“Genny’s World: Homeless in Sacramento, a genocide on a streets,” by Cynthia Hubert

Stockton Record — “No Bark, yet Plenty of Bite: Bed Bugs Causing Problems for Residents, Management during Hotel Stockton” by Joe Goldeen

Bakersfield Californian — “McCarthy and his Allies Insist He’ll Come Back Stronger,” by Christine Bedell

Desert Sun — “Company Aims To Sell Water from Mojave Desert Aquifer,” by Ian James

WHERE’S JERRY? In Oakland during 9:45 a.m., attending a groundbreaking rite for a 89,000 sq. ft. outpatient core during a UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, partial of a 10 year enlargement project. Also expected: Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.


@ScottLay “I don’t consider I’ve ever cried until examination Adele’s latest video bzfd.it/1LviNKQ #divorce

@JohnMyers “Only we would revisit a Sacramento Zoo and consider of @JerryBrown Gov, who invokes “troglodytes” in meridian campaign.”

@MarcosBreton “The Sunday column: Distressing video now partial of Mayor Kevin Johnson’s legacy sacbee.com/news/local/new…

** A summary from PhRMA: Every day in California, large people quarrel life-threatening diseases. Their aplomb inspires large researchers and scientists opposite a nation in their query to rise medicines that assistance patients live longer, healthier lives. Here in California, a biopharmaceutical courtesy has invested some-more than $1.1 billion during a 3,111 clinical trials that took place in 2013 alone. Each step brings us closer to a cure. To learn more, greatfully visit http://bit.ly/1heUVjK **

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