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September 6, 2017 - storage organizer

You, me, and roughly everybody around us is surrounded by gadgets. Gadgets that need tons of accessories – cords, ear buds, chargers, batteries, peep drives, energy banks, and more. Stuff them into your bag, and unexpected your peep expostulate happens to censor itself into a puzzling place that we didn’t know existed in your bag. Put them in a cosmetic bag and we risk deleterious them. Carrying them around in a container is usually too much. What we need is special carrying cases designed to store all your gadgets and accessories in a neat and orderly fashion. Cases that will make life easier (and some-more organized) if we are a tech fan or an zealous traveler. Porte Play has introduced a operation of stylish carrying cases that keep your gadgets organized.

Porte Play

Image Credit: PortePlay.com (screenshot)

Will a Porte Play cases fit all we need to lift around when traveling? Your mandate could be opposite from mine. When I’m traveling, we customarily lift my tablet, smartphone, a USB cable, and a energy bank with me. You might wish to lift a lot some-more than that. Porte Play recognizes that each particular has a opposite requirement. That’s since they have introduced not one, though 5 opposite forms of carrying cases. The cases offer a satisfactory grade of insurance from startle and occasional drops.

Let’s check out all a carrying cases Porte Play offers. We during ValueWalk perceived a few of them for review, and we favourite their pattern and build quality.

1- Porte Play Tablet Cases

The Tablet Case is designed to store your inscription and associated accessories. It offers an additional covering of insurance and preference when traveling. The box fits seamlessly in your bland bag, carry-on luggage, or backpacks. It opens and closes around heavy-duty zippers. When we open it, you’ll find a padded middle sleeve and a offshoot and eye closure on one side. It can firmly reason a inscription as vast as 9.7-inch. The middle stuffing is thick adequate to strengthen a inscription from amiable shocks.

Tablet Cases

Image Credit: Porte Play

On a other side, you’ll see 5 slots for wire storage. There is also a 6-inch zippered filigree slot to store a energy bank or other accessories. Porte Play has also enclosed a detachable lift strap. Personally, I’d cite not to use a lift strap. That’s usually not my style. But we might watch to try it out since a element looks stout and reliable.

Priced during $17.99, it is available in black, mint, and orange tone options.

2- Porte Play Pull-Apart Organizers

The Pull-Apart cases are compact, measuring 8.5 x 2.5 x 6 inches. They are designed to store a accumulation of electronic accessories including cords, cables, peep drives, and vast chargers. It’s done out of durable textured fabric that could final years. You can orderly arrange a cables, peep drives, ear buds, and pens in a 5 effervescent slots. For incomparable accessories, there is a zippered mesh.

Pull Apart

Image Credit: Porte Play

The zippered filigree and effervescent loops concede we to perspective equipment during all times though carrying to lift out all from a case. The Pull-Apart organizers are priced during $15.99, and are permitted in black, floral, and orange colors.

3- Porte Play Pouches

These are a slimmest and simplest carrying cases of a lot. The two-piece Pouch set is designed to give we discerning and easy entrance to your smartphone, cords, peep drives, ear buds, and pens. It’s tiny adequate to fit in your bland bags though vast adequate to residence your phone and other tiny items. It measures 10 inches in length, 7 inches in height, though usually 0.25 inches in thickness.

Porte Play Pouches

Image Credit: Porte Play

The Pouches have dual zippered closures. One of them is a filigree cell to let we perspective a equipment placed in there though carrying to open it. The pouches come in black, floral, and orange colors. They cost usually $11.99.

4- Porte Play Home Organizers

The Home Organizers are meant to keep your home gadgets. They have copiousness of storage space for vast accessories such as a TV remote. Measuring 11 inches in length, 6 inches in width, and 4 inches in height, these cases come with tractable and removable sections. You can reconfigure a storage compartments to fit incomparable energy banks and cables.

Porte Play Home

Image Credit: Porte Play

The Home Organizers embody a lift hoop and have a durable filigree cell on a front to store smaller accessories. These cases have been priced during $19.99.

5- Porte Play Organizers

The Home Organizers are meant to be stored by a TV console, in a cabinet, or in a drawer. But these Organizers are designed to be some-more travel-friendly. Unzip a box and you’ll see dual zippered middle storage compartments with copiousness of space to store and collect your chargers, cables, connectors, and other accessories. Porte Play has also enclosed a lift handle. The Organizers are easy to lift around. It fits simply in any suitcase, bag, or backpack.

Porte Play Organizers

Image Credit: Porte Play

The Porte Play Organizers are permitted in black, orange, and packet colors at $14.99.


Porte Play carrying cases are done out of durable fabric and heavy-duty zippers. The Tablet Case and Organizer that we perceived for examination had copiousness of stuffing to strengthen a gadgets and accessories from random drops. These cases are dictated to assistance us keep a electronic accessories orderly and simply permitted while we transport around a world. Of course, some of them might wear out after a few years of unchanging use. But that’s approaching from rarely affordable products that cost usually between $10-$20.

Full disclosure: We would like to to appreciate Porte Play for promulgation us a giveaway present in lapse for a post. Additionally, Porte Play compensated us for this post where we attempted to offer an honest review.

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