Preston County Journal – Preston Pride – Inaugural Motorcycle Clover Run supports 4-H History Center project

August 23, 2016 - storage organizer

BRUCETON MILLS — On Saturday, Aug. 13, a Preston County 4-H hosted a initial Motorcycle Clover Run. Motorcyclists from all around a area were welcomed to a 4-H Camp to register for a run.

At registration, any motorcyclist perceived measure cards. The run was comprised of 3 opposite sites here in Preston County totaling a 61-mile expostulate in all with stops during Rowlesburg, Aurora and a Short Horns tavern during Terra Alta. At any stop, bikers were treated to non-alcoholic refreshments as they any drew a pointless clover token with a number.

The numbers were afterwards noted on their measure cards. At a finish of a run, measure cards were tallied and a tip leader perceived a money prize.

The grand esteem leader for a Motorcycle Clover Run was Tim Stewart.

Other prizes were donated by internal businesses Shorthorns Saloon, PC’s Pizza, Mt. State Brewing Co. and Rosemary’s Thyme.

At a finish of a run, motorcyclists were treated to a cooking with food supposing by Brent Houser of Smokin’ BBQ in Terra Alta.

The run was a special fundraiser where all deduction went toward a construction of a code new History Learning Center. According to a eventuality organizer and long-time 4-H proffer George Shaffer, a core is to be built on a drift during Preston County 4-H Camp.

“It’s going to residence all of a memorabilia that we’ve collected, though it also will be displayed and it will be a good place to collect a story that’s going to be done via a years. And we’ll have a home to do it,” Shaffer said.

According to Shaffer, a building where a memorabilia was being stored formerly grown a trickle in a roof and due to a ethereal inlet of many of a items, many being done out of string and paper, a need arose for new storage.

“We were looking for another home though couldn’t find one that was suitable and afterwards a executive cabinet and a house of directors decided, let’s have it during camp. We can arrangement a story and we can use it for classes while we’re during camp,” Shaffer said.

Former 4-H Preston County Extension Agent Tracy Waugh was also on palm during a special eventuality as a volunteer. Waugh has played a purpose in 4-H in one ability or another given he initial came to a village in 1990.

According to Waugh, a History Center is critical as Preston County has been during a core of 4-H in West Virginia in one approach or another given a inception.

“History is unequivocally clever in Preston County. If we go approach behind to a unequivocally beginnings of 4-H in West Virginia, Preston County played a heading purpose in some of that history,” Waugh said. “The thought of gripping and progressing and cataloguing and during slightest meaningful what happened is a smashing thought since it needs to happen.”

Participating in a Clover Run was motorcyclist Steve Bonanno. Bonanno was happy to come out and support Preston County 4-H on Saturday morning.

“They’re only a smashing group. They’re a good organisation of volunteers. They have smashing youth,” Bonnano said. “It’s critical to remember a story and a extraction in 4-H. 4-H has had some well-developed alumni and, in fact, we always use a instance of a 15th boss of WVU who was a member of 4-H who went to college since a prolongation representative talked to him about it.”

Bonanno is a loyal follower in a certain impact that 4-H can have on girl in a village when it combines tradition with a training of some-more contemporary skills in a fields of robotics and STEM fields.

“4-H is a traditional, nonetheless a contemporary program. We have a normal module with a village clubs, that are unequivocally a core of girl activity in a lot of a farming communities and nonetheless they also do some complicated programs,” Bonanno said.

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