‘Problem Home,’ Chapter 5: ‘The home can be brought behind to the former glory’

May 20, 2017 - storage organizer

After one polite compromise, dual rapist trials, dual trial defilement proceedings, dual appeals and one afternoon in jail, Phillip Leland Richardson suspicion maybe — only maybe — a 15-odd years of formula coercion charge by Costa Mesa City Hall were done.

They weren’t.

In May 2013 Richardson’s trial from his progressing rapist self-assurance ended. By June, a city began a fourth charge associated to upkeep of his empty home during 276 E. 19th St., alleging violations identical to those in years past: bootleg storage in open view, deteriorating paint, bootleg tarps. They posted a defilement notice on a front door.

The city says it attempted unsuccessfully to hit Richardson via a year. Echoing an part years earlier, defilement notices were sent to dual wrong people with identical names. Through a city spokesman, a formula coercion officer pronounced he researched identical names as Phillip Leland Richardson’s “in wish for a lead.”