Protesters aim Fremont County Sheriff’s Office

April 17, 2017 - storage organizer

CANON CITY – A pacific criticism was staged Saturday in front of a Fremont County Sheriff’s bureau where 3 officers have been placed on executive leave given January.

About 35 protestors attended a eventuality fluttering signs propelling change. Among those in assemblage was Dolores Hiltz, whose daughter Candace was murdered in 2006 during a age of 17.

Apparent justification from a Hiltz carnage was recovered in late Dec from a defaulted storage section that once belonged to Fremont County Sheriff Lt. Robert Dodd. Dodd has been on leave from his pursuit tentative a Colorado Bureau of Investigation examine into a case.

“Yes, this has non-stop wounds, though doing anything is improved than nothing,” Hiltz said. “This is a initial mount opposite crime here in Fremont County, and this is not only about Candi.”

Rebecca Cardinell pronounced she is angry by a suspicion of justification being in a personal storage unit.

“I am unhappy and we am a small pissed off by it all. Yes, we have some good policeman officers, though this was not right,” Cardinell said.

Also in assemblage was Debi Weger, who was arrested by Fremont County Sheriff Sgt. Arin Hart. Hart was placed on executive leave in Mar tentative an inner affairs review into allegations that he has mishandled several DUI/DUID cases.

Weger pronounced she was relocating from one home to another and was weaving when Hart pulled her over. He systematic her to do a roadside test, that she pronounced she did not wish to do since of bad knees and new surgery.

“He intimidated me into doing it, and we still have nightmares about it,” she said. “My blood exam came behind with 0 (THC). They were looking for marijuana, and when that didn’t hang they went after me for drifting driving.

“I have no rapist record and no pushing violations in a 9 or 10 years we have lived here. My box has been tentative 5 months,” Weger said.

Horse owners Penny Gingerich also attended a protest. She is underneath review for 64 depends of cruelty to animals after Fremont County policeman deputies and other animal gratification authorities seized 63 of her horses from her Penrose plantation and a sale stable on Jan. 20.

A decider after systematic 24 of her horses returned to her after statute a seizure was “overbroad.”

Another objector was Cheryl McDowell, whose son Brandon Atencio was shot and killed by Canon City Police officers who were attempting to detain him Dec. 11, 2014. Atencio allegedly charged during a officers with a box cutter, though McDowell pronounced she believes officers did not have to use fatal force opposite her son.

The dual officers concerned were privileged of any indiscretion following an investigation.

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 34 President Russell Hickman attended a convene to speak to people about their concerns and get their side of a story.

“Everybody, even an officer, is trusting until proven guilty and has a right to urge himself,” Hickman said. “The unhappy thing about this is it can be demoralizing to a rest of a force. It is severe being a open reserve officer.”

Hickman urged protestors to wait until all a contribution are in and pronounced a cases, “Should not be a thoughtfulness on all a deputies. There are a lot of good ones.”

“This is a pacific criticism and we are only removing a word out,” pronounced Rick Ratzlaff, eventuality organizer.

Ratzlaff was a chairman who bought a essence of Dodd’s storage section and detected a equipment apparently associated to a Candace Hiltz box in envelopes noted “Evidence.”

Ratzlaff pronounced he also hopes to classify a remember bid of Sheriff Jim Beicker.

“Recalls are really costly, time immoderate and mostly hiss out,” Hickman said. “But we like democracy.”

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