Public Safety Log: Sept. 29, 2015

September 29, 2015 - storage organizer


•A masculine was shrill and disruptive during 5:40 a.m. during a grill inside a Crossroads Truck Stop, 2020 Highway 730, Umatilla. Staff told a masculine to stop, he didn’t, and someone afterwards called for police.

•A tourist during 9:31 a.m. during Golden Valley Farms, 34655 Roper Lane, Stanfield, asked for a Umatilla County sheriff’s emissary to respond for a masculine who is a thievery think and causing problems during a business.

•An workman of Banner Bank, Umatilla, called military during 10:04 a.m. to reported a patron left melancholy voice messages.

•A masculine during 1:02 a.m. called a Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office for assistance to mislay a automobile from a Umatilla River. He pronounced it was upstream from Echo and had been there for 20 years.

•A mom during 4:10 p.m. asked to pronounce to a Pendleton officer about a child punching her 9-year-old daughter on a propagandize bus.

•Pendleton military during 4:29 p.m. perceived a call to respond to a womanlike being assertive during St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton.

•Pendleton military during 5:05 p.m. perceived a news of a lady badgering a 10-year-old child.

•A tourist during 7:37 p.m. told Pendleton military 15 “very immature teens” were inebriated on a stream park approach during Southwest 10th Street.

•Two juveniles on skateboard during about 8:40 p.m. asked people for pot in a area of Southwest Fourth Street and Court Avenue. Police did not find a pair.

•A masculine in during maroon Jeep Liberty during 11:25 p.m. reported a black Geo Metro was behind his automobile on Umatilla River Road during Bonney Lane, Umatilla, afterwards flashed a light and rear-ended him. The Metro pulled over for a impulse afterwards took off north on River Road.


•Three males a few mins after midnight caused a quarrel during a Riverside Sports Bar Lounge, 1501 Sixth St., Umatilla.

•A tourist during 7:21 a.m. reported someone cut a close to their skill on Despian Gulch Road, Pendleton, stole fuel from storage tanks and nipping tobacco out of a truck.

•A glow during about 7:40 a.m. engulfed an outbuilding during 1555 E. Airport Road, Hermiston, and widespread to an adjacent single-wide trailer home. Fire departments from Hermiston, Stanfield and Umatilla perceived a call to quarrel a blaze. A neighbor reported he battered on a doorway of a trailer since an aged masculine could have been inside.

Firefighters shortly encountered a occupant, who pronounced no one else was inside. Crews reported knocking down a abandon during 7:51 a.m.

•A notation later, Hermiston puncture crews responded to a three-vehicle pile-up involving a semitrailer in front of Fiesta Foods, 1875 N. First St., Hermiston. Reports indicated a masculine and a womanlike suffered teenager injuries.

•A Pendleton proprietor during 9:34 a.m. reported someone “keyed” her automobile and dual others on Northwest Ninth Street.

•A tourist during 10:26 a.m. told Pendleton military dual males on Southwest 18th Street threatened a 14-year-old.

•A lady during 11:05 a.m. told Pendleton military someone spray-painted dual buildings and a drive during Pendleton Mini Storage, 1563 Southgate Place, Pendleton, and also pennyless a glow extinguisher.

•A Umatilla proprietor during 11:05 a.m. reported a thievery during her home on Martin Drive and burglary of a computer, dual span of Beats headphones and dual cellphones.

•A Meacham proprietor during 1:28 p.m. reported new break-ins during her skill and a neighbor’s on a 45300 retard of Old Oregon Trail Road. She also pronounced a neighbor’s route cam prisoner a design of a suspect.

•A masculine during 5:32 p.m. reported a burglary of his nephew’s 50cc engine mud bike from North Dunne Street, Stanfield.

•A Umatilla proprietor Wenatchee Street during 7:45 p.m. told military she listened 6 to 8 gun shots.

•An inebriated masculine disrupted an eventuality during a outside theatre during Roy Raley Park, Pendleton. An eventuality organizer during 7:50 p.m. told military a masculine was assertive toward people there.

•A Pendleton lady during 9:59 p.m. told military family members done derogative comments about her on Facebook.


•A tourist during 12:43 a.m. told Pendleton military a masculine was fibbing in a parking lot of Mosa, 138 S. Main St., and she was endangered a automobile could strike him.

•A U.S. Forest Service workman during 6:56 a.m. reported anticipating a automobile that rolled on Forest Road 52 about 15 miles south of Ukiah and a masculine suffered a bloody nose with no apparent injury.

•A Weston lady during 9:57 a.m. reported a masculine with a tractor came on to her skill on Honeysuckle Lane and dragged a energy stick of hers to his residence. She also pronounced she has a stalking sequence opposite him.

•A masculine on Chuckhole Lane, Milton-Freewater, told law coercion during 2:52 p.m. someone stole his close box with $3,000 money and thousands some-more in jewelry.

•A masculine during about 3:40 p.m. crashed and rolled his automobile into a tree in a yard nearby Milton-Freewater on Highway 11. The motorist complained of behind and wrist pain.

•A crawl hunter during 5:56 p.m. reported someone might have shot during him. He was on Forest Service Road 5316, Heppner, when dual white males yelled during him. He pronounced they might have been sharpened in a air, maybe they were drinking, though they fired, and he dismissed off rounds as well. He pronounced they left in a new white Ford F150 pickup that might have had proxy plates.

•A tourist during 7:42 p.m. reported probable poaching between Hat Rock State Park and Warehouse Beach, Umatilla.



•Pendleton military perceived a call during 7:54 p.m. about a shoplifter during a Wal-Mart Supercenter, 2203 S.W. Court Ave. Police arrived and arrested Jeffrey T. Williams, 27, 1007 Tamarack Loop, Pendleton, for possession of methamphetamine, third-degree theft, giving fake information to a military officer and on several warrants.


•Pendleton military arrested Patsy Totsmaywee Jones, 30, no residence provided, for unapproved use of a vehicle.

•Milton-Freewater military arrested Martha Ann Philips, 37, no residence provided, on a aver and for third-degree spoliation and second-degree theft.


•Pendleton military arrested Walter Francisco Lucen, 27, of 810 S.W. 16th St., Pendleton, for pushing underneath a change of intoxicants.

•Milton-Freewater military arrested Jeremie Lee Gillman, 37, no residence provided, for unapproved use of a vehicle, transgression try to elude/flee, misconduct try to elude/flee and possession of a stolen vehicle.

•Umatilla genealogical military arrested Patsy J. Sabin, 58, no residence provided, for fourth-degree assault.




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