Purse organizer desirous by a stripper pole, and other tips from a celeb closet designer

March 8, 2018 - storage organizer

Lisa Adams knows your closet.

Sure, she lives in Los Angeles, where she hangs out with famous people, outfitting them with spaces estimable of their expansive, designer-clothing-strewn wardrobes.

She has done them tradition closets usually for their colorful examination gear. She helped a Kardashians enclose their challenging wardrobe collections before Kendall even schooled to drive. She has helped Christina Aguilera dream adult a purse carousel desirous by (what else?) a stripper pole.

Still, Adams, author of “Closet Design Bible” and a engineer behind LA Closet Design (that stands for Lisa Adams, she points out, not Los Angeles, though possibly way, a name works) says we’re not so opposite from her luminary clients.