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August 22, 2014 - storage organizer

Q. My phone is blazing by my information plan, yet we don’t consider we use it that much. Any ideas what’s causing it?

A. The culprit could be renouned apps we use on your phone each singular day. These embody texting apps like Apple’s iMessage, Google Voice or a accumulation of third-party apps like TextFree, textPlus or WhatsApp – they all use your mobile data. If we do anything with video messages, you’ll be blazing adult information like crazy. Make certain to usually play these messages when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network and we won’t be regulating mobile data.

Streaming song apps, giveaway or not, are unequivocally something to watch. Apps like Spotify use around 0.72 megabytes per minute, and we can design around a same volume for Pandora and identical apps. On a 2GB information plan, that gives we reduction than 40 hours of song listening a month. That’s usually if we don’t use information for anything else.

And don’t forget about Facebook. When we corkscrew past any video in your news feed, it immediately starts playing. Of course, that’s regulating adult your information plan, so appreciate you, Facebook. Fortunately, we can put a stop to it. In Android, open a Facebook app and go to Settings. Change “Videos Auto-play” to “Off.” You can also set it to “Wi-Fi only,” so they usually auto-play when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, yet we cite to control when videos start. For iOS, go to SettingsFacebook and daub Settings. Under “Video,” daub Auto-play. You can select “Off” or set it to “Wi-Fi only.”


Q. we saw online that there could be unclaimed income with my name on it out there. Is this usually a fraud or is there something to this?

A. Unclaimed income isn’t a scam, yet a lot of crooks spin it into one by charging to assistance we redeem it. Finding and recuperating unclaimed income is free, so equivocate anyone who says otherwise.

So, what is unclaimed money? Maybe we forgot to get that deposition behind from a electric application when we rented your initial apartment. By law, companies can’t keep that money. And if they can’t find you, they contingency spin it over to a state for safekeeping. You usually need to explain it! Of course, before we can explain a money, we need to find it.

That’s where a National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) comes in. NAUPA links to each state’s unclaimed skill database. Just click a state on a map to go to that state’s unclaimed income site. Unfortunately, we can’t hunt in each state during once. You’ll have to hunt in your stream state and any states where you’ve lived in a past. Still, it usually takes a few minutes, and many people find they’re due hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Q. Is it going to harm my mechanism if we close it down each night?

A. In a aged days, it unequivocally was a bad thought to close down your appurtenance too often. Older tough drives and mechanism tools could wear out or repairs themselves if they were incited on and off too much. Turning off your mechanism during night means it won’t worry we with noises. Plus it saves electricity. Just make certain your mechanism doesn’t empty any energy when incited off.

Leaving your mechanism on has advantages as well, though. The large one is that we don’t have to wait for it to foot adult in a morning. If your mechanism is on all night, it can work all night. You can leave it downloading files, subsidy them adult or doing slight upkeep like defragging.

For a best of both worlds, though, we can daub your computer’s power-saving features. Every complicated mechanism has Sleep mode, Hibernate mode or both. These mix a energy-saving advantages of shutdown with scarcely instant-on startup.


Q. While we adore my new iPad mini, it has no CD/DVD capability. Since we have a million photos on CDs, we don’t know how we can get them organized, or even sent out to others. Is there a apart expostulate we can “introduce” to my iPad to perspective CDs?

A. Your best choice would be a print hosting site like Shutterfly. With Shutterfly, we can mail in your print discs and they will be uploaded to a site for free. Then, we can entrance them on your iPad by a messenger app. This is also good since a photos are stored on Shutterfly’s servers, and that saves space on your iPad.

Just note that many services like Shutterfly will not lapse your discs to you. If we wish to keep a duplicate of your discs, we can have copies done during your internal FedEx store for about $10 per hoop depending on a storage distance and needs.

You can classify your photos into albums online, or download a ones we wish to your iPad. Organizing photos on an iPad isn’t hard. You can use a built-in gallery app or download a third-party organizer like Tidy.


Q. we have dual cats that have a bad robe of nipping by my cables. Is there anything we can do to stop them?

A. You have a few options. Pet stores sell sour sprays that keep pets from chewing. You could also try putting prohibited sauce, vinegar or even glass soap on a cords. All of these are non-toxic, so they won’t harm your pets.

If we don’t wish a sum cord, we could run your cords by some PVC tubing. It’s comparatively inexpensive and we can slip your cables right into it. Any other industrial tubing that pets can’t fit into their mouth should work, as well.

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