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May 6, 2016 - storage organizer


Bruno Boroewitsch, co-founder and stream co-organizer of UNITI expo

Organized by UNITI-Kraftstoff GmbH in team-work with government consultancy, WDM and communications agency, com-a-tec, UNITI expo 2016 will take place Jun 14-16 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The expo, that is hold each dual years during a Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, is deliberate by a organizers to be a “leading trade satisfactory for sell petroleum and carwash sectors in Europe.”

The high direct from exhibitors has triggered UNITI expo’s muster space to grow by scarcely 40 percent — from 269,098 block feet, or 25,000 block meters, in 2014 to approximately 376,737 block feet, or 35,000 block meters, this year; and, approximately 400 exhibitors from 30 countries will attend in a 2016 event.

Moreover, according to a new press release, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH Co. KG will be presenting hydrogen, a emission-free fuel, for a initial time, as good as a use hire record for deliveries, storage, refuelling and payment.

In an disdainful QA, a Professional Carwashing Detailing team speaks with Bruno Boroewitsch, co-founder and stream co-organizer of UNITI expo, for an inside demeanour into a tellurian eventuality and a hide look of what visitors can pattern to knowledge during UNITI expo 2016.

Boroewitsch is a CEO of com-a-tec GmbH, a communications association that also operates PetrolPlaza. In 1989, he performed a Master of Development Administration (MDA) with a specialization in record marketing. His was initial introduced to a attention when he was allocated conduct of selling and communication in a Petroleum Equipment Division of Mannesmann Kienzle.

Boroewitsch delves into a credentials of a UNITI expo, how this eventuality compares to prior expos, maximizing a expo’s lapse on investment and some-more in a special QA supposing below.


PCD: Can we greatfully explain a functions and purpose of a UNITI expo as good as your purpose with a event?

BB: UNITI expo is a heading trade satisfactory in Europe for a fuel retailing and carwash industries. It takes place each dual years in Stuttgart, Germany. Our aim is to accumulate underneath one roof all a applicable players of a attention to showcase their latest products and share sparkling ideas and innovations.

Basically, a purpose is that anyone who attends UNITI expo will leave with an accurate pattern of a benefaction and destiny of a industry. Unlike other shows, UNITI expo has a really high general approach, and we will be welcoming professionals from all over a world.

As a CEO of com-a-tec, one of a 3 parties that classify UNITI expo, we am co-founder and stream co-organizer of a trade fair. My categorical duties develop around general selling and exhibitor sales, while com-a-tec is obliged for a classification of a event.


PCD: Overall, how will this year’s expo review to prior years? Are there any new additions being offering this year?

BB: UNITI expo 2016 will be some-more concept than a prior edition. We have softened a internationality of some areas that formerly were some-more focused on a German market, such as Car Wash and Logistics Transport. Also, in this year´s book a conferences and seminars will take place in a muster areas, therefore creation it easier to attend both.

For this edition, we set a bigger concentration on a veteran carwash sector; we understanding with it as a unconditionally eccentric sector. We have dedicated around 96,875 block feet (9,000 block meters) to a themed area “Car rinse Car care.” This is 3 times some-more space than in a prior edition, and we have already doubled a series of exhibitors.

Leading manufacturers of carwash equipment, accessories and rinse chemicals support UNITI expo as a new heading trade satisfactory for Europe.

The high direct entrance from exhibitors has caused a muster space of UNITI expo to quarrel by roughly 40 percent — from about 269,098 block feet, or 25,000 block meters, in 2014 to approximately 376,737 block feet, or 35,000 block meters, this year.  We will acquire around 400 exhibitors during UNITI expo 2016.


PCD: Understandably attending attention events, such as a UNITI expo, requires an investment in time and money. How can attendees best safeguard a certain ROI from attending this year’s show?

BB: Yes, we have been visiting attention events all over a universe for many years so we totally know this point. We have spent a lot of time conceptualizing a eventuality so it maximizes a investment done by a exhibiting and caller companies. UNITI expo is a three-day, compress eventuality that aims for limit efficiency, both in terms of time and money.

First, we have optimized a pattern of a trade satisfactory to make it time efficient. A caller can find accurately what he or she is looking for in a brief duration of time as a outcome of a delicately designed exhibiting area. However, in my opinion, a strongest reason for visiting a UNITI expo is that we can find out all about a marketplace in usually 3 days — a finish overview in one singular event.

As for a ROI for exhibitors, there is no other muster where they can accommodate visitors from so many opposite countries. Instead of going to several locations, that involves complicated costs, they can accommodate clients from opposite a universe in one event.

Apart from a minute classification of a trade fair, UNITI expo takes place in a complicated formidable of Stuttgart Messe, that is usually 5 mins divided by feet from a general airport, creation a entrance to a eventuality really easy and convenient.


PCD: Please explain some of a scheduled seminars and other networking opportunities for carwash owners and operators during this year’s eventuality and because should they attend?

BB: UNITI expo 2016 has an desirous and finish discussion program. Three forums will take place: a International Forum, about technology, marketplace development, choice fuels and digitalization of ride and infrastructure (in English); a Car Wash Forum in English and German, that will cover all a pivotal topics associated to a benefaction and destiny of a industry; and a third forum on preference and food services. Apart from these 3 forums, a series of seminars about module and construction will also take place.

For visitors, as a heading trade uncover in Europe, UNITI expo is a best place to learn about all a latest products and innovations. Our good discussion module and exhibitor inventory will safeguard visitors get a finish overview of a market.

Meanwhile, UNITI expo is an ideal height for exhibitors to enter new markets and showcase their products to an general crowd. All vital oil companies will be attending a trade fair, presenting good business opportunities for exhibitors.

Additionally, an exhibitor network celebration will take place on a initial night of a trade fair, for that exhibitors can entice guest and customers.

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