Rain Spoils Feed a Hungry Concert, Organizers Appeal to Community for Help

November 4, 2017 - storage organizer

BRADENTON — Saturday was all set to be a biggest Giving Hunger a Blues festival in a event’s 22-year history. With a full-lineup of A-list performers on dual stages, bay-front along a Van Wezel Performing Arts Center, organizers of a 100 percent proffer bid were awaiting record assembly after hundreds of hours of preparation.

However, as with any outside eventuality in a state, a success was tied to a variable tumble weather, and dynamic showers from a pleasant basin that stubbornly hung over Sarasota’s skies for some-more than 8 hours during a all-day eventuality kept thousands of song fans during bay. The approaching assembly of some-more than 5,000, shrunk to small hundreds.

While a musicians and song lovers done a best of a situation, a eventuality hardly pennyless even with expenses. As a result, some-more than one ton of food donations approaching to assistance a many exposed members of a community, has not come to fruition. However, a need to feed, strengthen and maintain during a arriving holiday deteriorate stays really real.

Promoter Peter Anderson, who regenerated a eventuality in 2015, pronounced he was primarily devistated by a spin of events and fulfilment that a festival would not have an impact on those who indispensable it.

“I woke adult a subsequent morning, and we couldn’t even get out of bed,” pronounced Anderson. “I only kept replaying a events in my mind, feeling impressed by a approach things incited out.”

(L) Twinkle gets set to take theatre (R) Fans make a many of a soppy day

But what came subsequent gave Anderson a whole new reason to lift on a GHTB mission. He and associate eventuality organizer Eileen Heathington met during Van Wezel, where a winds were still pulling relentlessly off Sarasota Bay, to finish cleaning adult a grounds. While they were there, a possibility confront with some of a really people a eventuality aims to help, put their goal in transparent perspective.

“After creation several trips to a storage unit, Eileen and we were on a lawn looking during a final of what had to be spotless adult and carried out,” pronounced Anderson. “I pronounced to Eileen that we should ask some of a homeless people who were huddled in a dilemma of a square perplexing to stay warm, to assistance us. When we went over to ask them, we beheld that they were eating what looked to be ‘leftovers’ from a event. Needless to say, these folks were some-more than happy to help, generally after they asked what a eventuality had been for and we told them we were perplexing to lift income for a Mayors Feed a Hungry program. Afterward, one of a guys asked if there was anything else they could do to help, and another indeed reached into his slot and pulled out some crumpled bills and offering to make a donation. we was changed to tears.”

Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio

In that touching moment, a whole suggestion of Giving Hunger a Blues came full circle, and a twin suspicion of another approach they could assistance those right in front of them.

“Eileen suggested that we give them a tarps from a shop-worn tents,” pronounced Anderson. “We finished adult giving them during slightest one ideally good tent, another salvageable one and a integrate of a tarps. Their thankfulness was amazing.”

Mike Kach, Rj Howson Friends

The happenings left Anderson some-more dynamic than ever to not concede one day of bad continue to spoil such a estimable cause. This week, he set adult a GoFundMe page and is seeking a village to come together and give what they can to safeguard that those who count on a donations to sojourn food secure over a holiday deteriorate do not have to go without.

You can make secure donations during a central GoFundMe page here. 100 percent of all donations will go toward feeding a inspired in a village over this holiday season, and donations are 100 percent taxation deductible. Together, we can still give craving a blues in a community.

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