Rally kicks off debate opposite ‘dirty industry’

February 13, 2015 - storage organizer

More than 30 people stood on a corner of Duke Energy’s due spark charcoal storage site in Lee County Thursday for a press conference, convene and request burial to flog off a three-state debate opposite “dirty industry,” including spark charcoal and hydraulic fracturing.

Organized by Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and a internal chapters, including EnvironmentaLEE, “Safeguard America’s Resources,” a multi-issue debate to hindrance healthy gas contamination, began Thursday by press conferences, marches, rallies and request vigils.

“There are actions in other counties in North Carolina. There are actions in Virginia. There are actions in Georgia … perplexing to speak about holding a rights behind from unwashed industry,” Therese Vick, village organizer for BREDL, said. “A village has a right to contend ‘no.’”

At a Lee County entertainment during Mount Calvary Baptist Church on Colon Road, EnvironmentaLEE members called for a North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources to repudiate Duke Energy’s assent focus to immigrate spark charcoal to Chatham and Lee counties.

“We are fighting opposite unwashed industries like Duke Energy, a largest application in a country, perplexing to invade a smallest county in North Carolina,” EnvironmentaLEE member Marsha Ligon pronounced in a statement. “We paint a detriment of a simple American right — a right to be secure in a homes but private companies holding a land, polluting a atmosphere and ruining a farming setting.”

Local county officials, including Ervin Fox, boss of a internal NAACP chapter, and Ann McCracken, president of Lee County Democratic Party, also attended a event.

“This is God’s creation, and God put male here to caring for it,” Fox said. “We don’t wish transfer here. We mount with you, and we ask others to mount with you.”

Besides Duke Energy’s devise to store spark charcoal in Lee County, Fox also wanted to fight hydraulic fracturing in Lee County “because both are dangerous.”

In courtesy to hydraulic fracturing, Vick highlighted internal legislators’ introduction of House Bill 76/Senate Bill 72 — with sponsors who enclosed Rep. Robert Reives II, D-Lee; Rep. Brad Salmon, D-Harnett; and Sen. Valerie Foushee, D-Chatham — disapproving of a state Mining and Energy Commission’s fracking regulations.

Duke Energy Spokesperson Jeff Brooks pronounced nonetheless a association knew about Thursday’s eventuality by internal media, staff was not wakeful of a specifics of a eventuality beforehand.

“Duke Energy respects a perspectives and opinions that have been common in Lee and Chatham counties and [is] committed to assembly a mandate of a state while deliberation a needs of a internal community,” he said.

Some Lee County residents devise to attend a Moral Movement Mass March, hosted by a HKONJ People’s Assembly Coalition, during 10 a.m. Saturday during 2 E. South St. in Raleigh. EnvironmentaLEE also will horde a subsequent assembly during 7 p.m. Feb. 23 during a Sanford 517 Club during 517 Golf Course Lane.

“We won’t behind down,” Ligon said. “The small heart of a village we’re station on right now will mangle underneath a weight of Duke Energy’s poisonous waste.”

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