Raw Accessories Lure Logistics Bait Organizer

November 4, 2015 - storage organizer

Looking for an easy and fit approach to store your plugs, soothing plastics and other tackle? Raw Accessories offers a Lure Logistics Bait Organizer, that takes caring of all a above.

Starting on a outside, a Bait Organizer is built with 600 Denier troops class construction, done to last. This also creates it waterproof,so no worries with saltwater removing to your tackle. And in a conditions it goes in a drink, it floats. All components on a bag are guaranteed to not decay either.

Once we open a bag, we will see a inside panels done of tighten celled foam, done for easy storage and entrance to your tough baits. A 3 slot insert assures copiousness of storage for tackle. Made of complicated avocation vinyl coated mesh, this allows we to rinse off all of your lures during a finish of a day, preventing any rust.

The Lure Logistics Bait Organizer is offering in dual opposite sizes, as good as 4 opposite colors. For some-more information, click here.

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