Real Jerks Steal Running Shoes Donated To Oakland K-12 Students

September 15, 2015 - storage organizer

Running for a Better Oakland around Facebook

KPIX reports that using rigging and boots donated to Oakland girl organisation Running for a Better Oakland were stolen out of a ambulance in that they were being stored.

Writes one organizer: “I am so angry! The RBO ambulance, fundamentally a mobile storage unit, was damaged into final night. STOLEN: tons of using boots meant for RBO kids, RBO H2O bottles and shirts, H2O mammillae and post-practice snacks. substantially some-more too. Just infuriating.”

The crime occurred final Wednesday, with thieves even hidden H2O bottles and snacks. “There’s a pointer on a car that says a things is for needy kids, and they still took it,” upkeep workman Everett Ball told KPIX.

Running for a Better Oakland helps K-12 students “develop healthy lifestyles by running. By building confidence, environment goals, providing training and encouragement, RBO will give students a values for feat and tough work that they can pull on for all areas of their lives.”

But a organization’s house member Howard Nathel sees a splendid side. “There will be positives out of this… we’re already feeling a adore from a community,” he said.

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