Residents Led Civil Disobedience during SoCalGas’ Aliso Canyon Storage Facility to Urge Governor Brown for a …

May 20, 2016 - storage organizer

Residents Led Civil Disobedience during SoCalGas’ Aliso Canyon Storage Facility to Urge Governor Brown for a Permanent Shut Down



May 15, 2016 – Today, twenty-one residents from organizations opposite a state of California called for a permanent closure of a SoCalGas Aliso Canyon Storage Facility by holding a pacific polite insubordination movement during a facility. The Aliso Canyon Storage Facility is on lane to re-open by a finish of a summer notwithstanding a obligatory calls by a circuitously communities to henceforth tighten Aliso Canyon. The Aliso Canyon Storage Facility presents an ongoing open health hazard to Porter Ranch and a northern San Fernando Valley village given a gas blowout during a trickery occurred in October. Although a blowout has been controlled, residents still face health problems from bearing to gas and toxins issued from a facility.

“The Aliso Canyon storage trickery is dangerous and will never be safe,” pronounced Mark Morris, proprietor of Granada Hills. “We need Governor Brown to do what’s right for this village and destiny generations and sequence a permanent closure of Aliso Canyon. Only a permanent close down will pledge a reserve of a health and a meridian from destiny disasters.”

SoCalGas is rushing to re-open a storage trickery by a finish of a summer after a remaining 114 wells have left by a execution of 6 reserve and good firmness tests mandated by Senate Bill 380, that Governor Brown sealed into law final week. These tests will not pledge a reserve of circuitously residents or pledge a impediment of a destiny disaster.

While SoCalGas hurries to reconstitute their increase from this facility, thousands of residents are still displaced, residents who have returned home are still removing sick, and a fallout from a disaster is distant from over.

“We are holding confidant movement currently to direct a permanent close down of Aliso Canyon, since that’s what leaders do. We are peaceful to scapegoat a leisure to pledge a protected destiny for a children,” pronounced B. Belinda Morris, who risked detain and proprietor of Granada Hills. “We need Governor Brown to be a genuine personality for health and climate, and mount adult to SoCalGas, that put their increase before a people. Governor Brown contingency take executive movement for a permanent closure of Aliso Canyon Storage Facility.”

The large blowout is a sheer sign that no village is protected as prolonged as dangerous hoary fuel infrastructure neighbors homes. Californians came to support a northern San Fernando Valley communities to call on Governor Brown for a permanent close down.

“The large synthetic methane trickle from Aliso Canyon is unacceptable, as is a stability punishment for a people confronting a hazard this unsuccessful trickery poses. Our South Bay and Harbor communities of Los Angeles will continue to mount in oneness with a brothers and sisters in Porter Ranch,” pronounced Sherry Lear, Organizer with South Bay L.A. 350. “We will quarrel for them and all communities impacted by a rapist foolishness of a hoary fuel industry. We can't mount idly by while opportunist like SoCalGas scare and mistreat communities opposite a state. It is time for a clarity of coercion to close down Aliso Canyon and henceforth finish a use of hoary fuels by switching to 100% purify energy. “

This movement was upheld by groups opposite a state including Food Water Watch,, SoCal 350 Climate Action, South Bay 350, Long Beach 350, a Center for Biological Diversity, and a ANSWER Coalition.


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