Respecting a Stars and Stripes: How to Handle a American Flag

July 3, 2015 - storage organizer

The American dwindle is a stately symbol.

With usually 13 red and white stripes, and a blue block filled with 50 white stars, a rectilinear square of cloth manages to paint freedom, democracy, a office of happiness, a American dream and a whole lot more.

As a cultured illustration of all a United States stands for, it’s usually judicious that a dwindle be treated with a pinnacle respect. As such, a stars and stripes come with a rulebook of sorts, an phonetic formula of do’s and don’ts for doing a star-spangled banner.

Mary Werdal, a commander of American Legion Post 245, located in State College, places a lot of definition in a American flag. 

“I can sum adult my feelings per a American Flag with a tab line my mom likes to use when articulate about me – I’m her ‘Red, White, Blue Navy Girl,'” Werdal says. “When we was younger, a Flag was everywhere, generally around Jul 4th, though we don’t consider it was as critical to me behind then.”

After portion in a troops and fighting for all a dwindle stands for, Werdal gained a improved appreciation for a pitch and what it represents to a country. 

“Since portion in a United States Navy and now being concerned with a American Legion, a dwindle has taken on new definition for me,” she says. “When we see a American Flag drifting it warms my heart and soul.

“It represents not usually leisure and democracy, though it stands as a pitch of all a group and women who have served and are portion in a Armed Forces and those who paid a ultimate cost while safeguarding a freedoms we reason so dear,” she adds.

With that in mind, Werdal recounts some of a manners that go into doing a flag, like a correct folding technique. The dwindle is folded a sum of 13 times, finishing with a ideal triangle that usually shows a stars. As Werdal says, there’s a definition behind any particular fold. While a folding routine wasn’t grown with these meanings in mind, they have given been ascribed to a ritual, and embody things like honoring veterans, remembering a dead, and faith in God. 

In further to a folding ceremony, there are a set of manners for doing a flag, many of that exist in honour for a meaning. Werdal provides a list of dwindle practice procedures:

1. The dwindle should never be flown upside down, solely as a trouble signal.

2. The dwindle shouldn’t be used as drapery. If a height needs to be draped with something patriotic, a bunting exists for this purpose.

3. The dwindle shouldn’t be used as an advertisement. It should not be used on anything that is meant to be thrown away. 

4. The dwindle shouldn’t be partial of any dress or jaunty uniform. However, it can be used on a patch for troops personnel, initial responders, or members of nationalistic organizations. 

5. There shouldn’t be any mark, letter, words, number, insignia, and so on placed over a flag. 

6. The dwindle should not be used as a receptacle for carrying or holding anything.

7. When a dwindle is lowered, it shouldn’t hold a belligerent or any other object, instead being “received by watchful hands and arms.” At that point, it should be folded ceremoniously (with a 13 folds mentioned above) for storage purposes.

8. The dwindle contingency be spotless and mended when necessary.

9. When a dwindle is no longer fit to fly, it should be burnt in a deferential manner.

When it comes to a eighth indicate on that list, State College-based Balfurd Cleaners emphasizes a correct cleaning of a American flag. As such, during a month of Jun — during that Flag Day takes place — a dry cleaning use cleans all flags for free. 

“We do it any June, not usually since Flag Day is in June, though also so people can ready for a Fourth of Jul and have their flags clean,” says Monika Manter, clamp boss of operations. “We’ve been doing it for during slightest 15 years. People don’t purify their flags as mostly as they should, and they’ll come in with mold or soil on them. We are really clever with a dwindle and weigh any one individually, so we can make certain red doesn’t drain into white on a stripes and things like that.”

And when a dwindle is over saving, notwithstanding how blasphemous it competence sound, a correct approach to dispose of it is by a blazing ceremony. A few weeks ago, on Flag Day, a Elks Lodge hold a dwindle retirement rite during a Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg. Jeff Kephart, a eventuality organizer and a troops veteran, explains a significance of a ceremony.

“That’s a usually approach we can scrupulously dispose of a flag,” he says. “Ceremonies like this are critical so people don’t forget about what it took for us to lift a strange dwindle over 200 years ago. There were battles. It didn’t come openly and it isn’t easy to maintain.”

With a Fourth of Jul usually around a corner, American flags are certain to get a lot of use in State College as celebrations get underway. These elementary manners make it easy to give a dwindle a honour it deserves.,1464536/

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