Review: Bento Stack Keeps Your iPhone Cables and Accessories Neatly Organized

November 14, 2017 - storage organizer

The Bento Stack, a new plan being funded on Indiegogo, takes a judgment of a Bento lunch box and relates it to iPhone and iPad accessories.

Available in 3 colors (silver, space gray, and rose gold) for $38, a Bento Stack is a enclosure that offers adult several sections that can reason a accumulation of accessories like cables, Apple Watch bands, an Apple Pencil, and more. we was means to go hands-on with a Bento Stack, and we suspicion it was a nifty organizational tool, if a bit bulky.

I have a Bento Stack in gray, and it seems to compare good with Apple’s space gray devices. It’s lonesome in a soft, rubbery element that’s good to touch, and it has a slight glaze to it, creation it visually appealing for a elementary cosmetic classification box.

Bento Stack measures in during 7.48 inches long, 3.35 inches tall, and 3.22 inches deep, so it’s not unequivocally going to fit good in a smaller purse or bag.

Aside from some customizations like an Apple Pencil hilt and a place to store Apple Watch bands, a Bento Stack isn’t most opposite from a Bento lunch boxes. It has 4 storage components, a lid, and a silicone tag to reason it all together.

The tip lid, that attaches to a cover, is designed to reason an Apple Pencil or a likewise sized pen. You can also mislay a Apple Pencil from a lid and use a lid as an iPhone mount for examination videos.

Bento Stack’s tip cell can reason an AirPods box or wound adult iPhone cables, and a bottom lid binds dual Apple Watch bands in tiny cosmetic slots. It can usually reason dual — no more.

The bottom cell is a deepest and can be practiced to reason a MacBook Pro-sized horse along with additional cables and accessories. All of a dividers in a tip and bottom compartments can be private and repositioned as required to fit all of your accessories. You’ll need to mislay dividers if we wish to store things like dongles and adapters, as those can’t generally be wound adult and shoved in like a cable.

When make-up a Bento Stack, cables need to be wound delicately and zero can be too high or a components won’t fit together. we had a tough time removing an Apple Watch with rope inside, for example, since it was too tall.

The Bento Stack Indiegogo page says a tip cell and a bottom compartments can reason 3 to 5 Apple accessories. we can get 4 in a bottom cell if we unequivocally try, yet I’m not certain that 5 accessories fit all together in any of a compartments.

As we can see below, we fit my Apple Pencil, dual Apple Watch bands, my AirPods, a USB-C energy adapter, a USB-C cable, an Apple Watch with additional band, and dual Lightning cables into a Bento Stack and it was about during capacity.

That’s usually about what we take when going on a brief trip, yet it doesn’t fit some incomparable accessories like a mouse.

None of a components of a Bento Stack snap together or stay trustworthy yet an enclosed silicone tag that binds all in place, so this is something that needs to be put on and private any time we use a Bento Stack.

Bottom Line

I like a Bento Stack, yet we don’t know how unsentimental it is in day to day use yet. You need to take a time to delicately breeze adult a cords and place all of a components in a correct spots to get a right fit, and afterwards we need to supplement a effervescent rope if you’re traveling, that can be vitriolic if we need to get into a box mixed times a day while on a go.

Size wise, it’s massive since of a rectilinear shape, yet it will fit in a backpack, vast bag, or container for travel. we was a tiny unhappy during how tiny it was means to reason for a price, yet during a same time, we don’t consider I’d wish it to be any bigger since it’d be unmanageable for travel.

What would be nice, though, is if there were a Bento Stack XL with some-more storage that’s designed to be a desktop companion. we could see regulating that as an organizational apparatus some-more mostly than a customary Bento Stack. In a stream incarnation, we find it a bit large for transport yet too tiny to reason all of my accessories during home.

It’s value observant that some of a Bento Stack components are device specific. For example, I’m not certain what else we could use a Apple Watch rope territory for.

You can mangle a Bento Stack down and usually take one half of it with we if we usually need a few cables while traveling, that is nice, and we can also lay out a components if required so we can get to all of your accessories easily.

There are hundreds of appendage organizing collection accessible on Amazon and other sites, yet surprisingly, we didn’t see anything that’s utterly like a Bento Stack. Most Bento boxes have been indifferent for food, with zero privately dedicated to organization.

If we don’t mind a bulk of a Bento Stack when traveling, or if we need a minimal desktop resolution for cable/accessory storage, Bento Stack is potentially value checking out.

How to Buy

The Bento Stack can be “backed” on Indiegogo for a subsequent dual days. For a singular Bento Stack, that consists of all of a pieces, 4 dividers, and dual silicone straps, it’s $38. Estimated smoothness for a Bento Stack is Dec 2017, and prolongation appears to be already underway.

Note: Function 101 supposing MacRumors with a Bento Stack for a purpose of this review. No other remuneration was received.

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