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December 28, 2014 - storage organizer

I like fibbing down on a job. That is; recumbent on a bed or lounge while operative on a mechanism or inscription as an choice to sitting in a assign chair during my home bureau workstation. we customarily have dual cover Macs mounted on Laptop Laidback stands and my dual iPads with beanbag stands and infrequently a Kindle within strech of my bed, along with several records on slips of paper, printed investigate materials, a preference of mice, some assign bricks with cables, a phone, earbuds, and assorted incidentals.


It’s not only a comfort of loose viewpoint that appeals. While we keep my laptops towering during gentle observation tallness on a mount in my bureau with an outmost keyboard and mouse, regulating notebooks as verbatim laptop inclination gets aged flattering quick since you’re always perplexing to find a concede between a pretty gentle keyboard position for typing and a shade positioned high adequate to minimize a round-shouldered, neck slanted forward, evil viewpoint of visit laptop users. But a dual objectives are jointly antagonistic. The Laptop Laidback stands, on a other hand, offer most improved ergonomics with conduct neutrally upright, arms during a 90-degree angle and elbows resting on a mattress or lounge support surface.


However, all that device rigging and subordinate things tends to accumulate in chaotic, unsightly mounds and tangles during bedside, infrequently even on a building where it is quite receptive to repairs from being stepped-on or kicked.


Enter Twisted Logic Inc.’s TekTuk Bedside Device Manager, a storage and charging organizer for all of your handheld inclination and accessories, designed to tame a disaster of electronic device pieces that might be combining a “moat” around your bed. Twisted Logic, Inc. CEO Kevin Jennings says he’s been a outrageous Apple fan from a IIe to present, and a TekTuk IndieGoGo saved plan was hatched when his partner stepped on his iPad one morning while removing adult to go to work, digest it inoperable.

When zipped closed, a TekTuk looks like a standard portfolio form mechanism or inscription case.

TekTuk Bedside Device Manager

Inside, there is copiousness of storage space with a cellphone slot vast adequate to accommodate any cellphone or tiny inscription adult to 3-1/4″ far-reaching and 1″ thick (including a 2.64″ far-reaching iPhone 6 Plus, nonetheless it’s only a bit too slight for an iPad mini or a Kindle that have to be stored in a appendage slot if we wish to lift them along with a incomparable inscription or tiny laptop).

TekTuk Bedside Device Manager


iPad minis (alone) and incomparable tablets are supposing for with a TekTuk’s inscription mechanism slot into that we can fit any tablet, netbook, or mini laptop adult to 11″ far-reaching and 1″ thick. The TekTuk’s 7″ wide, 4-1/2″ high zippered closure appendage slot stores your energy and charging cords, earbuds, iPods, mice, remotes, USB dongles, etc., and there’s also an effervescent repository and request slot for storing and carrying things like magazines airline boarding passes, tickets and such.


What’s opposite about a TukTuk compared with other inscription and appendage cases is that possibly during home or on a highway in a hotel, a unzipped TekTuk’s front row can be fast slid between a mattress and box open of your bed, creation your still orderly apparatus conveniently permitted in a arrange of “bed holster.”

TekTuk Bedside Device Manager

The TekTuk’s Cord Management loop lets we track your assign cables by a effervescent loops located on possibly side of a inscription slot so they are always accessible.

TekTuk Bedside Device Manager

TekTuk is a accessible and superb resolution to a common problem, and if it saves only one of your inclination from removing stomped on, it will have paid for itself.

Apple Channel Rating B

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Provides: Transportation and bedside storage for laptop, tablet, mobile inclination and accessories
Developer: Twisted Logic, Inc.
Price: $49.95
Availability: Now

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