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April 21, 2016 - storage organizer

One of a biggest advantages of owning a Tesla Model S over a fact that it’s electric, has extraordinary performance, and seats 7 is being means to store tons of cargo in a atmospheric interior. There’s a front box also famous as a “frunk” with plenty storage space, along with a outrageous box large adequate to store a full-sized bicycle. But with all that space comes a plea of being means to classify and secure lax equipment so that they don’t clap or change when a car’s in motion.

The new Trunk Organizer for Model S by EVannex was dictated to do only that. I recently had a event to collect one adult and exam it out. Here’s what we suspicion of it.

Trunk Foot Well Space

The Model S box has a dark gem in a form of additional storage space in a feet good of a trunk seating area. This area is designated as a third quarrel for seating immature children presumption one purchased a discretionary foldaway seats. Since the Model S does not have an exhaust complement or scarf underneath a vehicle, Tesla was means to yield a behind feet good that also doubles as a storage area for the child seats when tucked away.

Tesla Model S behind child seats


However, if we didn’t collect adult a discretionary child seats like me, you’re left with an dull footwell that fundamentally ends adult collecting … stuff.

Mine contains a reduction of cleaning supplies, charging cables, adapters, tire upkeep items, things for walking a dog, a list goes on. Finding anything within this territory generally requires a lot of digging around. Putting it behind is only as unpleasant as I’m mostly left shuffling equipment around and repositioning them in a approach that allows a tip cover to mountain flush.

I’ve mostly suspicion about how to solve a problem by regulating several receptacle form boxes though never found anything to my liking.

Cluttered Footwell

EVannex Trunk Organizer for Model S

The ROLA Trunk Organizer is an aftermarket product carried by EVannex and designed to assistance one classify their things within a Model S box footwell.

The product comes in a prolonged prosaic box and simply pops open to form a organizer. The routine couldn’t have been simpler.

The organizer has a series of good features:

  • It folds totally prosaic and thatch into position when needed
  • The dividers are totally removeable and insert firmly with velcro on a sides and bottom
  • There is a filigree slot using along a front and behind of a organizer for smaller objects
  • There are handles on any finish to assistance with lifting and carrying a organizer
  • The sides, dividers and bottom are sturdy


Installation was super-easy — a hardest partial was clearing out all my crap from a footwell. After that we simply cocktail it open and dump it into a feet well. Be certain to angle a organizer when primarily fixation it into a footwell as it’s a cosy and nearby ideal fit. Once in place we can straighten it behind out.

Tesla Model S Trunk Organizer

Those who purchased a reward sound complement will have a area to a left and right of a organizer filled with subwoofers. But for those of us that didn’t, there is additional storage space to be found – ideal for storing taller objects such as windshield washer liquid bottles.

Prior to installing a trunk organizer, we mostly encountered a emanate where equipment stored in a side pockets would slip into my effects stashed in a footwell. That’s since there’s no divider between any section. Having a trunk organizer in place alleviated this emanate as equipment would boundary adult opposite any particular side of a organizer itself.

What we favourite about a organizer is a removable dividers that can be positioned to fit your needs depending on a series and forms of equipment being stowed. Thanks to a velcro attachment, securing it in several configurations was a simple process. we finished adult compartmentalizing by theme. One territory was for cleaning supplies, another for charging, and one was for tire associated products.

One of my concerns when we initial saw a dividers was their height. we wasn’t certain if the footwell cover would be means to sit flush though luckily we found it to be a near ideal fit. I kept my all-weather Tesla pad commissioned on the bottom of a footwell only in box something leaked, and even with that in place a footwell cover sealed flush.

All in all, I’m utterly happy with a ROLA box organizer and blissful we got it. At $79.95 it isn’t a take though we found it to be labelled competitively with other outlets.

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