Rhizome Announces 2016 Seven on Seven Collaborators

April 12, 2016 - storage organizer

Hito Steyerl

Rhizome, a new-media humanities nonprofit, has announce a participants of this year’s Seven on Seven program. Founded in 2010, Seven on Seven pairs creators and technologists, who are together charged with producing a plan in a singular volume of time.

Previous editions have featured artist Taryn Simon operative with Internet romantic Aaron Swartz, and Snapchat’s David Kravitz collaborating with artist Frances Stark. This year’s collaborations are as follows:

Filmmaker, artist, and author Miranda Jul and Paul Ford, author and cofounder, Postlight
Video artist Hito Steyerl and Grant Olney Passmore, cofounder, Aesthetic Integration
Installation artist Jennifer Steinkamp and Rana el Kaliouby, founder, Affectiva
Artist and author Claire L. Evans and Tracy Chou, program engineer, Pinterest
Rapper Junglepussy and Jenna Wortham, staff writer, New York Times
Artist Trisha Baga and Mike Woods, founder, White Rabbit VR
Artist Ingrid Burrington and Meredith Whittaker, founder, Google’s Open Source
and Security Research Group


April 12, 2016


This fall, a Basra palace of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein will entrance as an art museum, reports The Observer’s Alanna Martinez. Qahtan al-Abeed, executive of Iraq’s State Board of Antiquities and Heritage for Basra, has been heading a project, according to National Geographic. “The Iraqi government, a UK-based charity, and oil association donations” are all assisting to financial a project, writes Martinez.

Operation Iraqi Freedom left Hussein’s palaces empty, and a building was used as an army disaster gymnasium for a time. Al-Abeed has been betrothed 3 million dollars from a Basra government. The income will support renovations on a building.

“We wish to make this a birthright area with hotels and restaurants and a birthright museum, though being certain that people still live here,” pronounced al-Abeed. “We wish to make this like Granada in Spain, though this is a fifteen- to twenty-year project.”

April 11, 2016

Robert Storr

The critic, artist, curator, scholar, and former vanguard of a Yale University School of Art Robert Storr will be awarded a escutcheon of Officer of a Order of Arts and Letters by a French Ambassador to a United States on Apr 17, 2016, in Washington, DC, during a cooking for a Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies, that Storr is a member of.

Storr served as vanguard during Yale’s art propagandize from 2006 until this year, when it was announced he would step down and be succeeded by Marta Kuzma. From 1990 to 2002, Storr was a comparison curator during MoMA in New York where he curated shows of artists such as Ad Reinhardt, Bruce Nauman, Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Sheila Hicks, Elizabeth Murray, Gerhard Richter, Max Beckmann, Tony Smith, and Robert Ryman. In 2007, he was a first, and so distant only, American to be allocated executive of a Venice Biennale. Storr has also contributed as a censor to such magazines and journals as Artforum, Art in America, Frieze, and Parkett.

He has formerly been concerned with several French institutions by behaving as a jury or member of acquisitions committees, including during a Fondation Cartier, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, and a Marcel Duchamp Prize. In 2000, a French Ministry of Culture awarded Storr a escutcheon of Chevalier of a Order of Arts and Letters.

April 11, 2016

Pinacothèque Singapore de Paris

Gareth Harris reports in a Art Newspaper that a Singapore sister site of a Pinacothèque de Paris, a private museum founded by a curator and art historian Marc Restellini, that sealed a strange Paris plcae in February, has now tighten down as well. This comes only a year after a Pinacothèque Singapore de Paris non-stop in a Fort Canning Arts Centre there. A mouthpiece for Art Heritage Singapore, that operated a museum and is owned by Restellini, told internal journal The Straits Times that it is “disappointed that this plan did not attain due to weaker-than-expected caller total and other business and financial hurdles faced.”

Restellini sealed a Pinacothèque de Paris, a private museum, after a primogenitor association Art Heritage France was put into receivership. Restellini blamed disappearing caller total and astronomical rents in Paris for a Parisian location’s closure.

Art Heritage Singapore, on a other hand, is now inextricable in a authorised brawl with a Arthemisia Group, a Milan-based muster organizer, that put on a Pinacothèque Singapore de Paris’s initial show, “The Myth of Cleopatra,” that non-stop final May. By a finish of September, Arthemisia had taken Art Heritage Singapore to justice in over an delinquent contract. Arthemisia’s director, Iole Siena, says they are suing Art Heritage Singapore for €435,000, or scarcely half a million dollars. Art Heritage Singapore is also counter-suing Arthemisia, claiming a Italian association unsuccessful to perform a obligations.

April 11, 2016

David Nahmad

After a revelations of a “Panama Papers” came to light, divulgence such unfavourable financial machinations in a art universe as a true ownership during a heart of a brawl over a Modigliani portrayal a art traffic family a Nahmads denied they owned, Swiss prosecutors searched a storage trickery in Geneva in office of a painting, Seated Man with a Cane, 1918, according to Art Market Monitor’s Marion Maneker. Prosecutor Claudio Mascotto launched a hunt during a section assigned by a art storage association Rodolphe Haller during Ports Francs Geneva, only dual days after Mascotto asked for accede to review a storage company, and has confiscated a portrayal according to a Geneva Prosecutor’s Office.

The work was sought after by authorities due to a compensation explain filed by an successor of a Jewish art dealer, Oscar Stettiner, a latter of that mislaid it to German Nazis during World War II. In 2011, Stettiner’s grandson, Philippe Maestracci, took a Nahmads to justice to get a portrayal back, though a box was cold after a Nahmads settled that a portrayal was not owned by them, though by a association named International Art Center. Then in 2014, Maestracci took a Nahmads to justice again, observant that International Art Center is a Panamanian bombard company, an “alter ego of David Nahmad and other Nahmad family members.” As a Mossack Fonseca papers show, International Art Center does go to a Nahmads, has been owned by them given 1995, and that David Nahmad is a stream owners of a portrayal and so theme to a explain of restitution.

April 11, 2016

Director of a Gemeentemuseum, Benno Tempel

After a artist Nairy Baghramian turned down her assignment for a Vincent Van Gogh Biennial Award for Contemporary Art in Europe, as administered by a Gemeentemuseum Den Haag given 2014, citing her annoy during a museum’s purpose in a authorised conflict between Danish-Vietnamese artist Danh Vō and Dutch art gourmet Bert Kreuk, this year’s book of a endowment has now been cancelled wholly by a award’s jury according to Anny Shaw during a Art Newspaper. Baghramian pronounced final January: “I have to doubt a impasse of a museum in a law box between a artist Danh Vō and a gourmet De Kreuk.”

After she withdrew, artists Jutta Koether and David Maljkovic also deserted their possess nominations. The general jury for a award—comprising Sabine Folie, an eccentric curator shaped in Vienna; Hubertus Gassner, executive of a Hamburger Kunsthalle; Julia Peyton-Jones, recently over codirector of a Serpentine Gallery in London; Jaroslaw Suchan, executive of a Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, Poland; and Benno Tempel, a authority and executive of a Gemeentemuseum—has pronounced in a matter that a artists’ withdrawals from a endowment “precipitated a lot of contention about this sold dispute, that a museum merely witnessed; it was never celebration to a dispute,” and continued “the jury believes a new contention has overshadowed a goal of a endowment and could eventually concede a nominated artists. After tighten consultations with a Broere Foundation, a jury has motionless to cancel a Vincent Award 2016.” The subsequent book of a esteem is still scheduled for 2018.

Benno Tempel, a authority and executive of a Gemeentemuseum, testified in a authorised box between Kreuk and Vō.

April 9, 2016

Tony Conrad. Photo: Bettina Herzner.

The artist, filmmaker, and composer Tony Conrad died early this morning of pneumonia, reports Colin Dabkowski for a Buffalo News. The seventy-six-year aged artist had been struggling with prostate cancer.

Conrad began his career as a scientist, graduating from Harvard University with a math grade and thereafter operative on computers during a Physics Chemist Institute in Copenhagen. Returning to New York shortly afterwards, he destined and constructed his initial film, The Flicker (1966), that featured fast alternations of black-and-white images that eventually “was adopted as a kind of flagship film for a constructional film movement,” as he put it in an interview. Jack Smith, Mike Kelley, and Henry Flynt were among his many visit collaborators. Conrad also stoical as partial of a Theatre of Eternal Music, that enclosed John Cale and La Monte Young. A book in his collection, patrician The Velvet Underground, eventually gave arise to a name of Lou Reed’s eponymous band. (The dual had collaborated in a subsidy rope that also enclosed Walter De Maria on drums.)

Conrad went on to learn as a highbrow during Antioch College in Ohio, and thereafter after assimilated a expertise of a Center for Media studies during a University during Buffalo. Spanning into a area of performance, he done works such as Sukiyaki Film in a mid-1970s, cooking mixture though also throwing them during a shade before a live audience. He went on to accept grants from a Rockefeller Foundation and a NEA.

His work has seemed during MoMA PS1, a Whitney Museum, a Walker Art Center, Kunsthalle Wien, and a Louvre, and was a theme of a retrospective during a Kitchen in 1991. In Jun 2008, Tate Modern consecrated Conrad’s Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective, an desirous opening for a Turbine Hall. As Annie Ochmanek wrote in Artforum, Conrad “made his approach by a past half century of informative shifts by puncturing paradigms to let out some of a prohibited air.”

Excerpts from Tony Conrad, Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective, 2008, during Tate Modern.

April 8, 2016

Ann Hatch

United States Artists, an humanities appropriation legislature shaped in 2005 by a Ford, Rockefeller, Prudential, and Rasmuson Foundations, announced on Monday that humanitarian Ann Hatch has assimilated a organization’s house of trustees. Hatch, shaped in San Francisco, has upheld humanities organizations in California for decades: she founded a San Francisco–based Capp Street Project in 1983 and a Workshop Residence in 2007, along with cofounding a Oxbow School—an humanities high propagandize in Napa—in 1997.

United States house chair Steven H. Oliver said, ““Over a years I’ve watched Ann work tirelessly to support a humanities in northern California. In this new role, her commitment, enthusiasm, and decades of knowledge portion on a play of inhabitant humanities organizations will advantage artists opposite a country.”

April 8, 2016

Louise Bourgeois sculpture during a National Gallery of Canada.

Claire Voon of Hyperallergic writes that a Canadian supervision will deposit over $1 billion dollars via a subsequent 5 years to foster creativity in Canada and beyond. This is a initial bill put onward by Canadian primary apportion Justin Trudeau.

The Canada Council for a Arts settled that a appropriation is “an rare joining to Canadian humanities and culture. This once-in-a-generation reinvestment permeates over a walls of a Canada Council. It is a resounding confirmation that humanities and enlightenment duty currently as a strong amicable infrastructure in Canada.” By 2021 a legislature will accept roughly thirty percent of a funds.

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