Santa Cruz tech on a rise, attracting seductiveness from London to France

November 8, 2014 - storage organizer

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SANTA CRUZ GT;GT; There’s no choosing hangover for a Santa Cruz tech ecosphere., a association of 50 employees that grown record to assistance students build good habits, acquired Santa Cruz startup Arqetype, changed a domicile from London to Santa Cruz and sealed a franchise for a Westside with skeleton to supplement 20 jobs in a subsequent year.

Santa Cruz startup PredPol, with program to assistance military departments daydream where crimes such as walking carnage will happen, is relocating into bigger space during a Wrigley Building on a Westside and expects to grow from 35 to 50 employees.

Tuul, a startup aiming to optimize patron use for those on a go, has 15 employees downtown and needs during slightest 7 to 8 some-more engineers.

Magic Leap, a Florida startup with “wizards” operative in 6 locations including Santa Cruz, got $542 million in financing led by Google dual weeks ago to rise a subsequent era of mobile computing, protracted existence and practical reality; Magic Leap supposing few sum so a Santa Cruz impact stays to be seen.

That’s some of a news from Wednesday night’s Santa Cruz New Tech MeetUp, that brought a station room throng of 270 to Cruzio Internet.

The 8-year-old tech meetup has grown to 1,900 members, creation it a eighth largest, according to MeetUp organizer Doug Erickson.

The Dec. 3 MeetUp will be during a Del Mar Theatre, featuring eye-catching photos from Santa Cruz Waves and author-blogger Nir Eyal articulate about how to build habit-forming products.

Attendees listened about Moxtra, a new mobile partnership apparatus grown in Cupertino down a highway from Apple. It’s giveaway to individuals; businesses compensate for a service.

“I’m a large fan of Santa Cruz — there’s good talent here,” pronounced Moxtra presenter Mani Kadir, who worked with Erickson during online conferencing association WebEx before Cisco bought it for $3.2 billion.

Former Intel product manager Barry Solomon, now with startup Eggcyte, came from San Mateo to benefaction a antecedent of “The Egg,” a confidence resolution with 128 gigabytes of storage for anyone disturbed about trackers and hackers. Projected price: $299. Eggcyte skeleton to launch a Kickstarter debate Nov. 18.

J. Guevara, city of Santa Cruz mercantile growth manager, denounced, a giveaway online village calendar to assistance humanities and informative organizations minimize conflicts when scheduling events.

“For this to work, we all need to post to it and lift from it,” Guevara said.

Santa Cruz digital group Modern Tribe combined a calendar regulating a open source program Calagator, a tip from Santa Cruz Tech Beat owner Sara Isenberg. Cruzio donated a server, with a code and tone intrigue from pattern group Design by Cosmic, that changed downtown in September.

When financier Glenn Stearns invited everybody to a Global California Conference Dec. 3 during a Cocoanut Grove, Erickson asked, “Is it on CruzCal?”

Santa Cruz entrepreneurs Chris Miller and Steve Terry announced a $100,000 Indiegogo debate for LidFlush, their $25 resolution to finish a toilet chair war. Miller envisions a Soquel organisation production some tools and employing locally for public and shipping.

The loudest acclaim came for Nick Halmos of Santa Cruz-based Cityblooms, that grown an aquaponic hothouse run by water-saving record and flourishing lettuce for Plantronics’ cafeteria.

Jean-Claude Goldenstein, owner of, who left New York for a Bay Area and is looking for a tech village like a one outward Cannes, France, found Santa Cruz appealing.

“There’s so most talent here,” he said.

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