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August 20, 2014 - storage organizer

The initial days behind during propagandize have some kids introspective rugs, storage, mirrors, lighting, print frames … and no, we’re not articulate college kids and dorm rooms. We meant elementary-school lockers! Serious businesses have sprung adult to offer a locker-augmentation market, including and, that concede kids to probably superimpose their choices on an online locker to curate their final design. We suggest involving any/all lockermates in these deliberations — yours competence cite a whimsicality of a lime-green marabou-trimmed disco turn over a classical black-beaded locker chandelier.

A matte gray palette, slamming steel doors — is this propagandize or a state pen? erases all traces of a locker’s former non-life. Wallpapers, $19.99; rugs, $9.99; lights, $16.99-$18.99; dry-erase boards, $6.99;

One set of locker wallpaper might not cover all surfaces, and it can be a bit pricey. For a reduction costly upgrade, there’s present hang — though it will need replacing before long. You could try carrying it laminated during an office-supply store, though that could be a hassle. Which brings us behind to a prepackaged wallpapers, $19.99,

Boys and girls can dive head-first into a propagandize year. An elephant, tiger, lion, leopard, giraffe and hippo move adult a back in tail-wagging, smile-inducing style. Set of 6 safari magnets, $12.95,

A no-frills counterpart makes certain a new, healthier propagandize lunches haven’t left apple flay in a teeth. Ikea Immeln counterpart with hook, zinc plated, $7.99,

Meijer stores sell equipment a la carte, so kids can mix and compare or color-coordinate. Six-inch turn counterpart by LLZ, $3.99; 12 by 17 in. rug, $5.99, battery-operated LED candelabrum by LLZ, $14.99; aqua chevron wallpaper, in 12 pieces that fit 12 by 18 by 36 inches by LLZ, $5.99. All during name Meijer stores, such as 7111 Cermak Road, Berwyn (708-795-3800,

Target’s locker lights operation from disco balls to chandeliers estimable of “Downton Abbey.” Heads-up: Some locker lights hook next a hooks where we hang backpacks and coats, causing interference, so magnitude before splurging. Magnetic chandelier, $9.99, during name Target stores (

Start Mondays with a purify line-up — shortly to be filled around a dry-erase calendar. The straight figure will be right during home on a locker door. Three by Three (that’s a brand, not a size) captivating dry-erase white weekly board, $29.95,

Less committal than wallpaper, Ikea’s decorative stickers come in assorted motifs including robots, birds, flowers and paint splatters. Slatthult stickers, $9.99-$12.99,

Store little application equipment like ponytail elastics, erasers or magnets (to hang some-more stuff) in Crate and Barrel’s neat Three by Three magnetic tin box. Its dull corners will never condense a flitting finger, and it affixes by magnet to any steel surface. Three by Three captivating tin box, $3.95,

Straightforward adequate for a teen guy, a bumper-sticker-style dry-erase board allows him to scrawl reminders on a fly. The house is corroborated with magnets (plus glue for affixing to non-magnetic surfaces). Includes 3 clever magnets and a dry-erase pen. Three by Three dry erase house in orange, white or black, $9.95,

For your high schooler, this investment in classification should take her by college. One partial geometric wall art, one partial interactive organizer, this triboard set has 4 triangles in opposite surfaces: cork, white dry erase board, chalkboard and mirror, that can be configured according to whim. It comes with a dry erase marker, marker and 6 magnets. 4-piece triboard set, $64.80 (currently on sale for $59.95),

For luck, arm him with a horseshoe magnet handcrafted of plain beech wood, sloping in confidant orange with extra-strong embedded magnets. Horseshoe magnet, $14.95,

Kohl’s offers one-stop locker selling with a School-Pak locker organizer package, that includes a steel shelf, dry-erase board, package of 6 dry-erase markers, 8 magnets and a captivating mirror. $34.99,

What improved approach to start a day than with a steer of your smiling besties? Magnetic mini print frames from Pottery Barn Teen make it possible. Set of five, $20.65,

Blooming locker lights with LED bulbs need 3 AA batteries, $12.40-$19.60,

Guys can get organized, too, interjection to a Gear-Up black essential pocket, $15.60,, and a Gear-Up black locker shelf can double a shelf space, $12.40,

Teens can skip a special outing to a lavatory with a Gear-Up locker beauty board, that has a counterpart with a slot for stowing reserve and brushes. $20,

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