SCOTTeVEST SeV QUEST Vest for Men review

August 3, 2014 - storage organizer

SCOTTeVEST, or SeV for short, has been producing their law TEC, or Technology Enabled Clothing, given 2000. Included in a now endless product line, a Travel Vest (the strange SCOTTeVEST), boasted 24 pockets designed to reason all sorts of equipment for travelers, hardcore technology users or anyone with gadgets to lift on their person. SCOTTeVEST has recently taken their transport vest judgment a quantum burst in carrying ability with a introduction of their Q.U.E.S.T. Vest, that scarcely doubles a strange SeV Travels Vest’s slot count from 24 to a mind-blowing 42. I’d had my eye on several of SCOTTeVEST’s equipment over a years, and had always wondered both if they could unequivocally reason as many rigging as claimed and if they were value their comparatively high prices. we was recently given the event to answer these questions by perplexing out a new SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men. Gadget on!

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If you’ve been a unchanging here at The Gadgeteer for a while and examination some of my reviews, we competence have beheld that I’m not usually a fan of gadgets in general, yet also a vast fan of all demeanour of gadget-hauling items: follower bags, backpacks, organizer pouches and so on.  But something I’ve never attempted out, yet I’d been wanting to for years, was one of SCOTTeVEST’s products.  What’s a SCOTTeVEST?  The start of a association name breaks down like this: “SCOTT” = Scott Jordan, a company’s founder; “e” = wiring and other gadgety-type stuff; “VEST” = Vest (pretty self-explanatory: a like a coupler yet though sleeves).  Their products seemed to me to be a conflicting proceed to lift equipment that was reduction overt and some-more integrated with a wearer than a bag or pack.  Of course, we approaching that a tradeoff would be a reduced carrying capacity, yet we was peaceful to try one to find out.  However, their prices seemed like some-more than we wanted to pay, so we waited for several years until we was recently given a event to try out not usually a SCOTTeVEST product, yet their latest flagship in transport vests, a SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T. Vest, with a 42 pockets.  Yes, we examination that right, 42.  This is going to be interesting.


  • Cut = Available in both men’s (reviewed here) and women’s versions
  • Colors = Black (both men’s and women’s versions), Beige (men’s chronicle only)
  • Sizes = varies depending on what is in stock, by typically S-XXL


  • Storage = 42 pockets, a many of any essay of SCOTTeVEST clothing
  • Exterior = 65% Cotton/35% Nylon mix that is Teflon® treated for H2O and mark resistance, and also anti-static treated
  • Interior = Tricot
  • Price = $145
  • Location of Manufacture = China

Features Functions



I “borrowed” a few images from a SCOTTeVEST site (hope they don’t mind) that illustrate the many facilities of a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest.

I’ll use a dual images above to anxiety a inner and outmost facilities of a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest as we report them below.


To get an suspicion of a volume and form of equipment that a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest can carry, above is a print of all of a equipment that we pulpy into it, with a difference of a earbuds (which we will see below).  This doesn’t indeed paint how many equipment we theoretically could put into a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest, however, usually what we chose to put into it for this review.  Starting with a tip left and operative right:

  • Nikon point-and-shoot camera
  • Nikon camera AC charging brick
  • Generic double USB automobile energy adapter
  • Apple iPhone charging adapter
  • My automobile keys
  • Zagg ZaggSparq 2.0 energy adapter/battery
  • Apple iPhone 4S
  • Dash 3.0 Trim wallet
  • Charge wire for Nikon camera
  • Parker Jotter pen
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Click eraser pen
  • Sharpie Twin Tip marker
  • My aged college tyro ID (Hail Purdue!)
  • iPhone/iPad charging wire (with dark micro USB plug)
  • Apple iPad charging adapter
  • USB memory stick
  • Jawbone ERA Bluetooth headset
  • Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad
  • Apple iPad (3rd generation)
  • Sunglasses
  • Surefire G2 Nitrolon flashlight

Let’s get to it.  I’ll explain a pockets and other features, working from tip to bottom and front to back.


Weight Management System (WMS) – A underline that is not so apparent is a Weight Management System, or WMS.  This is a multiple of materials and pattern in a shoulder area that aids a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest in distributing complicated loads for comfort and with a streamlined coming even when loaded.

Personal Area Network (PAN) – Another singular underline that is not so apparent is a Personal Area Network, or PAN.  So singular in fact that is patented.  It consists of a array of tiny portals, fundamentally slits, in a backing of several of a pockets.  These portals concede entrance to the lining of a vest, that becomes a kind of passage that lets we lane cables from one slot to another behind a scenes.  So for example, an object like  a unstable battery sitting in one slot can be connected to a phone in another pockets, permitting it to be charged on-the-go, right inside a vest, yet though cables stealing in a way.


Zipper Pulls – First up, we usually wanted to indicate out a contoured, textured, rubber-tipped zipper lift on a categorical zipper.  It had a good feel and was easier to find, squeeze and lift one-handed.


Stowable Hood – I’m not certain if this qualifies as a pocket, yet tighten enough.  At initial we wasn’t certain about this.  A vest with a hood?  Why would we need a hood, if we don’t even have sleeves?  Then we used a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for a while, and eventually came to a finish that it is a good puncture underline for when we competence get reason out in nasty weather.  In fact, on an early open outing behind to my alma mater, Purdue University, we wore a  Q.U.E.S.T. Vest and layered a lightweight Nike Dri-FIT sport pullover underneath it.  It was a cool, breezy day and a hood indeed came in permitted when we were suddenly rained on while walking conflicting campus.


The hood is unlined, substantially in sequence to keep it thin, and it rolls down and stows into a zippered collar as seen in a picture above.  As an aside, note  the triangular SeV TEC trademark festooned into a tip back, one of a usually indicators of code on a exterior, that is maybe a good thing, given advertising that we are wearing a SCOTTeVEST essay competence tip off would-be thieves that we are potentially installed to a gills with valuables.  One of a other things to note is that, nonetheless a vest’s element has a good soothing feel, it seems to be a bit of a lint magnet, that we will see demonstrated in many of a other photos below.


The stowable hood’s storage cell has tiny add-on during a finish of a zipper into that a zipper lift can be tucked out of a way.  A good touch.


Chest Pockets – The extraneous chest area of a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest has some low pockets, and we meant beast deep—the fundamentally run roughly a whole length of a vest from tip to bottom.  Located on presumably side of a vest’s categorical front zipper, these mirror-image pockets are permitted around straight zippers that run along a zipper of a vest itself.


Rapid Access Vertical Panels – Inside a Chest Pockets are what SCOTTeVEST calls a Rapid Access Vertical Panels.  The above print shows a right Chest Pocket, yet what we see here relates to a left one also, as they are symmetrical, and in fact a SCOTTeVEST site refers to them as “Ambidextrous” for this reason.  One thing to note here is that we found a lot of lax threads and fraying edges of element in both of these Check Pockets.  It indeed looked flattering trashy and when we reached in, and we kept stealing my fingers reason on them.  we indeed found lax threads and fraying element edges during several places (mostly inside pockets, not on a exterior) around a product, yet inside these Chest Pockets were unequivocally a worst.  Not what we was awaiting from a association with a repute and roughly cult-like following of SCOTTeVEST.

scottevest_questvest_06bSmall Pockets – Starting during a tip of a Rapid Access Vertical Panels, there is a Small Square slot with a Velcro closure and an effervescent lift add-on to support with opening.  Just above this tiny retard slot is a frame of elastic.  This pocket appears to presumably be sized for an SD memory card, or a USB burst expostulate (with partial of a expostulate adhering out of a slot and reason by a effervescent perhaps). It is value observant here that a effervescent in a right slot (shown above) was sewn down on both sides, while a one in a left slot was usually sewn down on one side.  we can usually assume that this was a production forsake and a peculiarity control oversight.  Also manifest in a print above is a portal for a PAN system, to pass energy cables through.

scottevest_questvest_06cAngled Pockets – Moving downward from a Small Pocket are unequivocally a heart of a Rapid Access Vertical Panels. First adult are theAngled Pockets.  There are 3 of these, layered on tip of any other and with staggered openings.  In addition, these pockets any have a frame of Velcro sewn to them.  The panels themselves are indeed smaller pockets that have Tricot (similar to a inside of a camera bag) fabric strips on a outward to concede hook-and-loop (i.e. Velcro) accessories to be mounted to them.  This could be anything from tactical or troops equipment such as ammunition pouches or conceal-carry holsters to SeV’s possess Blackout Panels accessible on their site.  So there is a intensity for lots of customization here.


Moving down to a reduce territory of a front of a vest are indeed 3 sets of pockets that are in fact layered over a tip of any other.  Can we see them all in a picture above?  In loyal SCOTTTeVEST conform (yes, joke unequivocally many intended), there are some-more pockets here than meets a eye.  Let’s check them out one during a time.


Outer Handwarmer Pockets – we consider that what we have decorated in a photo above is one of a dual sets of Handwarmer Pockets, a outdoor set.  This is a vast slot with a add-on and a singular magnet closure.scottevest_questvest_08

Inner Handwarmer Pockets – Yes, there are dual sets of Handwarmer Pockets, that means this vest would be positively ideal for someone with 4 arms.  The Inner Handwardmer Pockets, shown in a print above, are always-open, quick-access pockets that are directly behind a outdoor set of Handwarmer Pockets and given of this are rather dark normally.  They could be used to outing an object into or out of quickly, yet we don’t think that I’d use them to reason valuables securely, due to their miss of any arrange of closure.



Bellow Pockets – Next adult are a Bellow Pockets that have a zipper closure with a mini chronicle of a larger SeV zipper pull.  Amazingly, these pockets also have a magnet closure as well, that sum with a some-more secure zipper closure is, we suppose, a form of ‘belt-and-suspender’ closure approach.  For example, if we are regulating a Bellow Pocket to keep your hands warm, lift your hands out and forget to zip a zipper, a magnet closure will flog in and during slightest partially keep a slot closed, preventing things from descending out.  There is a lot going on inside these pockets, so we’ll take a facilities one during a time.
scottevest_questvest_13Extendable Key Holder – I’m not certain this technically depends as a pocket, yet inside a right Handwarmer Pocket is an Extendable Key Holder, a add-on trustworthy to a inside of a pocket.  It has a a snap recover on a finish closest to a pocket.


The Key Holder has a carabiner that can be trustworthy to your keyring to keep your keys secure in this slot yet also to concede discerning entrance to them if needed.


Water Bottle Holder – Another slot inside a Bellow Pocket is another slot of sorts, a Water Bottle Holder.  This is not accurately a pocket, yet an effervescent rope designed to hold a typically-sized H2O bottle vertically.  Yes, that’s right, this Handwarmer Pocket indeed extends upward, inside a vest, all a proceed to a top, giving copiousness of room to mount adult a H2O bottle plumb and keep it there.

Coin Pockets – One additional set of slot inside any of a Bellow Pockets is a set of tiny silver pockets that prevent loose change from rattling around.  These are matching Square Pockets described above in that they are tiny squarish pockets with a Velcro closure and effervescent lift loop.  Because they are located in a bottom innermost dilemma of a Bellow Pockets, we couldn’t get a transparent print of them, yet anxiety a “X-ray” painting from SCOTTeVEST above and you’ll get a idea.


Gratuitous TEC trademark add-on closeup.  Special coming by some-more lint.  Next, let’s have a demeanour during a pockets and facilities on vest’s interior.

scottevest_questvest_15Here’s where a SeV products are typically famous for, a certifiably violent array of interior pockets and other features.  Above, a print of a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest before we congested it full of items.


Starting on a inside tip right side of a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest is a group of pockets and features.


Pen Pockets and Eyeglass Chamois Pocket – There are indeed a sum of three pen pockets inside a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest, this one on a right, and two on a left.  The Pen Pocket shown above is generously sized and can simply reason dual pens, maybe adult to three, or could even reason slight penlights and other pen-shaped items.  I like this, given we tend to lift several essay instruments with me—probably some-more than we need.  Hey, I’m a Gadgeteer, and I’m still operative on my minimalism, OK?  The chain of these Pen Pockets is good, given we can entrance them quickly, yet we did notice that while wearing a vest, unless a categorical zipper is entirely zipped, a equipment in these Pen Pockets are manifest to a grade that they seem to scream, “LOOK AT ME.  I’M A PEN NERD.” in a proceed suggestive of a slot protectors of yesteryear.  The Eyeglass Pocket is simply sized and could substantially even reason a span of those rather largish sunglasses that fit over unchanging glasses.  You know a type.  Welding goggle style.  The indicate is that this slot has lots of room.  It also includes a PAN portal.


Chamois – In further to a Eyeglass Chamois Pocket itself, inside a pocket, trustworthy to a interior of a slot around an effervescent cord tether, is a microfiber chamois for cleaning those eyeglasses, sunglasses, a shade of your smartphone or tablet, or anything else.  In an emergency, we could substantially blow your nose with it, yet that could impact how good it cleans your smartphone so we would not suggest it.


Secret Pocket” – Behind a Eyeglass Chamois Pocket is a “Secret Pocket.”  There, we conspicuous it.  Now a cat’s out of a bag.  Great.  The SCOTTeVEST Black Helicopter should be nearing any time now.  Here, I’ve used a supposed Secret Pocket to reason my Surefire Nitrolon G2 flashlight.  In all seriousness, this slot is not apparent on infrequent observation, so it is rather “secret.”  That is, unless we place something like a tactical-style Surefire Nitrolon G2 flashlight in it, that is substantially a bulkier object than it was dictated to hold.  Then this slot becomes rather reduction “secret.”


Continuing on down a interior right side are another array of pockets with even some-more ability than a ones above.


Divided Digital Camera Pocket – Below a Eyeglasses Chamois Pocket is a Divided Digital Camera Pocket.  This zippered slot is dictated to reason a point-and-shoot camera, as I’ve placed in it above.  It won’t reason a DSLR physique (well, it might, actually), yet it is simply sized for even a largest point-and-shoots.  This slot has a divider with a frame of Velcro, so we use a divider or not, depending on a distance and array of equipment we are carrying in it.  For example, in a print above, we have placed my Nikon point-and-shoot in a incomparable left side of a divider, and a charging wire on a right side.  This helps promote discerning entrance to your camera though other equipment stealing in a way.  Also inside a incomparable apportionment of this slot is another tiny retard slot with Velcro closure and effervescent loop lift tab, matching to a ones inside a Rapid Access Vertical Panels—it’s usually hardly manifest in a picture above behind my camera.  I design that this is for gangling SD memory cards.  This slot also has a PAN portal.


Power Pocket – Below a Divided Digital Camera Pocket is another slot dictated to reason charging items, unstable batteries, or other diverse items.  This slot is also enabled with ports that concede entrance to a PAN system.  In this pocket, I’ve placed a horse for my Nikon camera as good as my ZaggSparq 2.0, that is a unstable battery that, when used with a charging cable, can be used to assign my iPhone or even my iPad though even stealing it from a vest, that is ideal for use with a PAN system.


PadPocket (right) – Situated between a Bellows Pockets on a extraneous and a Divided Digital Camera Pocket and Power Pocket on a interior is one of dual PadPockets.  Another unequivocally generously-sized pocket, it is designed to reason a full-sized tablet.  Yes, a tablet.  Not a mini tablet, mind you, a full-sized table.  Here, I’ve used this sold PadPocket to reason my Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover that we use with my iPad 3rd Gen (more on that below).  The Keyboard Cover fit utterly good horizontally, yet this slot is so vast that, incredibly, we could scarcely mount a keyboard cover adult vertically.  Yeah, this slot is that big.


Shifting to a interior left side of a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest are a whole array of other pockets and singular features.


CollarConnect – Part of a law PAN system, a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest includes a proceed to conceal your earbud cables by shifting them into a channel in a collar, effectively stealing them and gripping them out of a way.  The ends of a earbuds themselves afterwards expel from presumably finish of a channel and are reason in check by dual tiny effervescent loops, as seen above.


In further to a CollarConnect and a tiny effervescent loops described above, a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest also includes a tiny rubber offshoot that binds your earbud wire out of a proceed when not in use.


BudBucket Pockets – As if a CollarConnect and rubber hooks weren’t enough, additionally a earbuds themselves can be tucked into one of dual tiny BudBucket pockets until  we are prepared to use them.  The SCOTTeVEST folks seem to have suspicion of all when it comes to integrating audio with their garments.


Clear Touch Fabric Pocket – This slot is specially-designed to reason your smartphone or other touchscreen device and both see and use a reason screen.  we slipped my iPhone 4S into this slot and we can see that it had copiousness of room to spare—this slot can substantially reason even a largest smartphone or even a tiny phablet.  Your smartphone can be entrance presumably by a Velcro opening during a tip or a multiple of a Velcro slot and a brief zipper.  There is also a tiny loop of elastic, that can be used to reason a earbud cable.  Why didn’t we use it this proceed in these photos?  Because we usually figured out what a loop is for usually now, that’s why.  In any case, we found this slot a bit formidable to use.  It was rather formidable to see my iPhone’s shade unless it was pulpy prosaic conflicting a Clear Touch Fabric.  In addition, nonetheless we could indeed entrance a iPhone’s reason shade by a material, it was a bit challenging.  Also, over time a Clear Touch Fabric element also became not so “clear”—I found that some arrange of misty film had grown on a inside of a element that done it unfit to see my iPhone’s touchscreen.  It resisted many efforts to mislay it.  Not certain since this happened, as a usually object I’ve placed in a slot was my iPhone.   Also manifest are a remaining dual Pen Pockets that we would note are indeed divided separately.


Continuing on down next a Clear Touch Fabric Pocket are several some-more pockets and features.


ID Pocket – Below a Clear Touch Fabric Pocket is a tiny slot sized to reason an ID label or similarly-sized card.  The infancy of a slot is filigree to concede prominence by it.  we found this odd; presumably, we would know what label is in this pocket, given we would have put it there yourself, so since would we need it to be filigree so that we can see that label it is?  I wouldn’t design to peep people my ID from this pocket, yet we think we could.  This slot has a Velcro closure and an effervescent lift add-on as well.


Travel Documents Pocket RFID-Blocking Wallet Pocket – Behind a ID Pocket are indeed dual pockets, one inside a other.  The categorical slot is sized to fit a pass and other transport documents.  Inside this slot is a smaller slot with a Velcro closure and lined with some form of lead fabric that is dictated to retard RFID transmissions that could be used for wireless temperament theft.  In this slot I’ve placed my Dash 3.0 Trim wallet, that is utterly a tiny minimal wallet, so had copiousness of room to spare, yet this pocket could simply accommodate many incomparable wallets, yet maybe not George Costanza’s.  The categorical Travel Documents Pocket also has a PAN portal.



Power Pocket – Shown above is a left Power Pocket, that like a twin on a right, is unequivocally low and far-reaching and also contains a PAN portal.



In this left Power Pocket, we placed my iPad charger, a charging cable, a automobile charger, and my iPhone charger.  However, this slot can apparently reason so many more.  Like a span of shoes, or a Smart Car.  Well, that competence be an exaggeration, yet it can positively reason a lot.


PadPocket – In a left PadPocket we placed my iPad 3rd Gen.  Similar to a Logitech Keyboard Cover that we had placed in a right PadPocket, a iPad fit with room to gangling when in a plane orientation, and could scarcely mount plumb in this pocket, that is to be approaching given a iPad and keyboard cover have virtually a same dimensions.scottevest_questvest_34

Memory Stick Pocket (?) – Unlike a right PadPocket, a left one has have an additional smaller slot inside.  This smaller slot is plumb oriented and prolonged and narrow.  It has a Velcro closure and an effervescent pull-tab and seems to be sized to accommodate a USB burst drive, that we placed in a one shown above.  Oh, and wish to theory what else is in a left PadPocket.  You are a good guesser–there is a PAN portal here as well, of course, as seen above.


Now let’s take a demeanour during a behind extraneous of a vest.



Back Pocket – The categorical underline of a vest’s rear exterior is a large—and we do mean large—Back Pocket.  It is entirely a breadth of a whole behind of a vest and about half a height.



Like many of a pockets in a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest, inside a deceptively simply-named Back Pocket, there is a lot going on.  Lift a add-on and unzip a zipper and we will find a unequivocally vast categorical cell and several other features.


The categorical cell of a Back Pocket has an other vast slot inside it, along a inside, done of a filigree material.  Just above this is another portal for a whole PAN system.  For a passing moment, we suspicion that maybe this PAN portal competence be dictated to run cables from a automobile battery to energy ALL of my devices.  But that would be ridiculous, right?  Hmmm….


Additionally, conflicting a vast filigree slot are dual smaller filigree pockets, as good as a frame of MOLLE-style webbing which has a bit of a troops demeanour to it that could be used to reason or hang equipment from.


The Back Pocket uses an engaging 3-zipper complement as a closure.  The Back Pocket’s categorical zipper, located underneath a add-on that serves to strengthen a zipper from a elements, is a long, plane locking zipper.  Unzipping this provides entrance to a whole Back Pocket.  However, located plumb along a right side is another locking zipper.  Unzipping this, as good as a reflection along a right side of a Back Pocket, reveals filigree service panels that effectively spin a Back Pocket into a “bellows” slot that increases a capacity.



Above, a print of a “bellows” locking zipper along a left side of a Back Pocket.  Although we haven’t placed any equipment in this Back Pocket in these photos, though we did use a Back Pocket on my outing to Purdue that we described above.  At one indicate we took off a light pullover, rolled it up, and placed it in a Back Pocket.  I had to unzip a side bellows zippers, yet it did fit.  However, a reduce behind of a vest became a bit worried when sitting in chairs.  So, as with all of a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest pockets, beware of overfilling them.

The Fit


Now let’s check out a fit of a vest.  In a above photo, we am wearing a dull vest with no equipment in it.  First, we have to contend that we consider we requested a wrong distance vest.  This was not unequivocally a error of SCOTTeVEST, so we don’t censure them.  The proceed that we dynamic which size to ask was by visiting a SCOTTeVEST site and looking during a images of several models wearing a vest.  I didn’t wish a vest to be too prolonged on me, so we requested a distance Medium.  From a initial time we attempted it on, a distance Medium felt a bit cosy conflicting a chest/back and a bit parsimonious in a armpits to be totally gentle for me.  In integrity we should also note that we tend to have this emanate with many shirts and jackets, substantially due to my aptness routine.  Therefore, we consider we should have usually stranded with distance Large, that is what we typically wear.scottevest_questvest_45

Another shot of me wearing a dull vest.  Yeah, we was wearing jaunty shorts and a T-shirt for these photos.  That’s how we roll.


In a above photo, in that we am doing my best impersonation of a feign Rolex salesman in New York City listening to boiling jazz shriek tunes on my iPhone, we can see a vest now installed with all of a above items.


In a print above, a vest has been loaded.  A few things to note here.  First, nonetheless a vest is installed with items, it is not fully loaded.  As we mentioned above, there is indeed still a lot of room for additional equipment in many of a vest’s pockets.  Second, we would contend that, nonetheless a vest is indeed installed with many items, a equipment that we did place in it don’t seem to have influenced a altogether coming much, during slightest when noticed from a front.


However, when a now-loaded vest is noticed from a side, it is a conflicting story, and we start to demeanour a bit some-more like a Jolly Old Elf from a North Pole when compared to a side perspective of a dull vest above.


Finally, a print of a installed vest from a back.  You can see that a breadth of a vest conflicting my shoulders is a bit snug, yet again, this is given we should have requested a Large instead of a Medium.  However, this snugness is exacerbated by a fact that a vest is now loaded, creation it fit even tighter.  Just something of that to be aware, and nonetheless we think this could be a box with probably all of SCOTTeVEST’s products, this outcome competence be even some-more conspicuous with a Q.U.E.S.T. Vest given it can in fact reason so many item.


The SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men has a lot of pockets and features.  Billed as 42, we indeed counted some-more than that before we mislaid track, including pockets and other additional non-pocket features. It has pockets for each fathomable object we competence wish to lift with we while travelling, working, or usually out about town.  That said, when entirely (or even partially) installed with items, it seems to roughly have too many pockets.  (I know—blasphemy!)  The vest can get utterly thick, massive and heavy.  However, if we are prudent and don’t devise to entirely bucket each singular pocket, afterwards this vest’s versatile design and special features, like a PAN (Personal Area Network), Clear Touch Fabric Pocket, RFID Blocking Wallet Pocket, a built-in Chamois and a Rapid Access Vertical Panels, usually to name yet a few, competence be usually what we need. In whole we found a construction of a vest to be good, yet inside many of a pockets were issues with lax threads and fraying material.  Overall, a SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men is a versatile article of travel/tech wardrobe with many useful facilities that is generally good assembled yet competence be usually a bit cost during $145 for what it is.

Source: The representation for this examination was supposing by SCOTTeVEST. Visit their site for some-more information.

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