SF Wants Homeless to Relocate, Homeless Want Land

January 30, 2016 - storage organizer

At about 11 a.m. on Thursday, 3 Department of Public Works trucks pulled adult to a quarrel of tents pitched alongside a 101 turnpike underpass. At a same time, a organisation of protesters collected opposite a travel during a dilemma of Division and Trainor to display citywide sweeps of encampments they contend are inhumane and have attacked a homeless of their property.

They had customarily come to collect adult trash, a Public Works workers told protesters who darted opposite a travel to confront them, yelling “Homelessness is not a crime.”

As a city gears for Super Bowl 50, a new boost in tent settlements in certain neighborhoods is a flourishing indicate of row for city leaders and residents alike. Thursday’s protesters called on a city to allot deserted skill for a homeless to set adult their tents and eventually build houses.

“The city could assistance us if they got a square of land or a retard or something where we can go yet being changed all a time, where we can keep a things,” pronounced a lady named Trina, who lives in a outpost on Trainor Street.  “That would assistance people to commission themselves.”

District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener called on a city in mid-January to discharge tents and find a “prompt” and “humane” choice to residence those who live in them. In a minute to several city dialect heads, Wiener requested information on a series of people vital on a streets, a series of preserve beds available, and a health hazards presented by homeless encampments.

The minute drew snub from homeless advocates and progressive media outlets, who indicted Wiener of disingenuously implying that a city had copiousness of accessible preserve for a homeless.

Tensions are quite high given many homeless people have reported being relocated from downtown areas for a Super Bowl City opening there subsequent week.  

Sam Dodge, a executive of a mayor’s bureau on homelessness, reliable that some efforts have been done to bond a homeless to resources in light of a Super Bowl, yet also credited a “cold and rainy” winter with a swell of tents along a freeway. He pronounced his bureau has worked greatly to transition people settling in a downtown area overnight into shelters. “There’s not a accordant devise to pull people anywhere or out of anywhere,” he said.  

Lisa Gray-Garcia wasn’t shopping it. “[Sweeps] are function in a oblique way,” said a village romantic and owners of Poor Magazine. “These outrageous companies wish to come into this clean, shiny, white, abounding city that Ed Lee has sole them on, and he’s going to give it to them.”

“If there is income for Super Bowl, afterwards there is income for a homeless,” pronounced protester Al Osorio.

Police spokesperson Carlos Manfredi pronounced that officers customarily accompany Public Works sweeps to surprise a homeless of a cleanup, palm out flyers and to bond them to resources.

But sweeps, either connected to a Super Bowl or not, are zero new.

Queen Nandi and other protestors confront DPW employees during a Division Street homeless encampment. Photo by Laura Waxmann

Queen Nandi and other protestors confront DPW employees during a Division Street homeless encampment. Photo by Laura Waxmann

Contentious Sweeps

Efforts to purify out a encampments have unsuccessful given “they keep entrance back,” pronounced Mission Supervisor David Campos. “We are as undone as a residents of this district given we have been seeking a Mayor’s Office to understanding with this emanate for months now.”

Campos reliable that there has been an uptick of tents joined with increasing disappointment by residents in his district, yet a series of homeless hasn’t risen significantly — customarily about 4 percent in a past 3 years, pronounced Dodge. Still, supervision and residents wish a tents out, yet there’s no easy fix.

“There is no ‘humane, prompt way’ unless we have land to go to,” pronounced Gray-Garcia.

Gray-Garcia pronounced a city and military are displacing homeless people from downtown areas by travel cleanups by Public Works, famous as “sweeps.” She pronounced during these sweeps, a tents and personal effects of homeless campers are mostly confiscated and eventually discarded.

Often accompanied by military officers, Gray-Garcia pronounced that Public Works employees “come late during night and early in a morning to bluster folks” with holding a effects of those who exclude to move.

Data collected by 86 homeless people over a one-year duration for Poor Magazine’s WeSearch Project showed that any particular reported during slightest one instance of “theft of property” by Public Works for apparatus like medicine, tents, cosmetics, phones, and other technology. The investigate resolved that 94 percent of participants were incompetent to collect their effects from a city.

“These are their belongings, yet people demeanour during it as if it is trash, and they provide it like that,” pronounced Queen Nandi, an organizer and clergyman during Decolonize Academy in Oakland. “Because we are homeless, we unexpected don’t have a right to possess property.”

Because it is a “highly impacted area,” Public Works sends rabble dismissal crews to areas underneath a turnpike daily, Dodge said. Only tents and apparatus that are “abandoned” are removed, he explained. What seem to be personal apparatus are brought behind to a department’s yard and kept in a storage enclosure for adult to 120 days for retrieval.

When asked if a homeless residents, who might or might not be benefaction during a Public Works cleanup, are told where their personal apparatus are held, Dodge pronounced a plcae of a storage yard is “widely known.”

Victoria and Elizabeth, who declined to give their final names, both live underneath a overpass and have gifted mixed sweeps, saying they have not been means to collect their belongings. Victoria pronounced she has gifted as many as 4 sweeps in a day, any time being told by Public Works staff — accompanied by military officers — to pierce over down Division Street.

“When they take a tents, it’s like we have to start over again. We have to find garments and blankets, and it unequivocally interrupts your life,” pronounced Elizabeth. “If we have an appointment or indeed have work, we have to always have somebody during your tent who we trust to watch your stuff, differently it gets taken.”

Many of a Division travel tents had already been privileged early Thursday morning, according to a homeless male named “Uncle P,” who has lived underneath a overpass for roughly 3 months.

Public Works spokesperson Rachel Gordon pronounced she was unknowingly that one had taken place in that area.

A lady named Trina tidies her mark during a homeless outpost where she lives. Photo by Laura Waxmann

A lady named Trina tidies her mark during a homeless outpost where she lives. Photo by Laura Waxmann

Community Frustration

Uncle P customarily pitches his tent on a square of path in front of an automobile correct emporium near the underpass, and pronounced he keeps his mark tidy. Because of this, a owners of a emporium doesn’t mind him being there, and conjunction do military — for a many part.

“There are some asshole cops that will rabble all your belongings,” he said. “Imagine someone entrance into your home when we are not there and holding your property. They’d need a aver for that.”

In other areas, arrangements are reduction harmonious. Sean Buckley runs a emporium that sells and services outside energy apparatus nearby a outpost — and a side of his emporium is lined with tents. He claims that their participation has increasing “tenfold” in a past dual months and blames a Super Bowl.

Buckley pronounced a increasing tents move trouble. Last week a generator was stolen from his emporium and he believes that some-more crime was brought to a area by a newer tent residents. Safety concerns and a prominence of a tents have caused him to remove customers.

“It’s like walking by a urinal,” he said.

Zach Todd, manager during Cathead’s BBQ during 1165 Folsom St., echoed Buckley’s concerns. He described carrying to privately chaperon homeless people out of a restaurant’s lavatory while perplexing to rinse themselves or use drugs.

“It’s only a large hassle,” pronounced Todd, adding that he no longer feels protected in a area after a homeless male threatened to gash one of his friends.

Activists and many who work or live tighten to a camps determine that a city needs to step in to henceforth residence those vital in tents.

“You can go forward and ‘sweep’ them underneath a rug, yet eventually a carpet has to be dusted,” pronounced Queen Nandi. “I’m a football fan, yet because would we caring about football right now when we have children on these streets?”

While a city is acid for solutions, grassroots efforts are aiming to residence homelessness during a many simple turn by providing those cheerless with some form of shelter. The Chronicle reports that a Coalition on Homelessness is formulation to set up a tent city subsequent to Super Bowl City.

In response to a sweeps, Shaun Osburn, a Mission resident, launched a GoFundMe campaign Thursday aiming to “fund deputy tents for a people who have mislaid their homes due to a inhuman actions of internal government.” Osburn exceeded his initial idea of lifting $2,000 in only one day, and has given increasing it to $10,000, that he reached at press time.

Buckley says that he has created to a mayor repeatedly, frequently calls a military and Public Works, yet frequency receives assistance with a problems he pronounced a stay residents have brought to him.

“I don’t know what a answer is, yet it’s really not transfer a problem on trusting people, tiny businesses, and homeowners,” he said.

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