Show Review: Over 300 Exhibitors during PotatoEurope 2016

September 24, 2016 - storage organizer

The 300 exhibitors benefaction (25% some-more than in 2008) were means to accommodate with their customers, during PotatoEurope, in Villers-Saint Christophe, France, Sep 14-15.

The impetus of a several sectors, from seed prolongation to trade of expenditure tubers (France being a heading European exporter) though also a estimate industries, captivated a far-reaching general audience, notwithstanding a trade show’s clever internal impression and emphasis. Foreign participants came especially from Benelux, Germany and a United Kingdom, though also from other countries.

Potato Processing International repository hold an judicious convention during this year’s Potato Europe event, in partnership with Cedric Porter of World Potato Markets, presenting a impact of Brexit and a intensity repercussions UK’s exist from a Union might have on a potato industry, imports and exports. At a same time, during a seminar, Potato Processing International repository showcased sum of a International Potato Processing and Storage Convention (IPPSC), that a announcement will classify subsequent year, May 31-June 1 in Portland, Oregon.  

Visitors were means to speak with experts from ARVALIS, a French Vegetable Institute (the organizer of a event), and a partners, concerning innovations in a fields of genetics (varieties increasingly matched to segmented markets, disease-resistance, drought highlight tolerance), agronomy (new sensors that sign a condition of plants), integrated stand insurance (new biological control-products, decision-making tools, etc.) and energy-saving storage practices.

According to a organizers, another reason for a success of this book was a good interest of a 23 operative sites, that lonesome harvesting, grading, loading and visual classification of tubers.

The subsequent book of Potato Europe will be hold in The Netherlands, Sep 13-14, 2017.

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