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May 18, 2015 - storage organizer

Welcome to Simple Steals!

Today we’re assisting we cold off while saving we money! Plus, we found a closet we can put together in usually mins for usually $30!

$49.99 Vornado Fan
So with those prohibited temperatures roughly on us, we competence be looking during unstable fans to assistance keep we cold and comfortable. This initial take is an atmosphere circulator done by Vornado. With 3 speed controls, it’s good for large bedrooms and it’s super quiet. It routinely cost $127 though if we buy it by Groupon today, it’s usually $49.99! Now that’s a cold steal! Just click on a couple above to purchase.

$29.99 Portable Closet
Next, are we one of those people who’s always angry of not carrying adequate closet space? Well, this take is flattering amazing! It’s a habit storage organizer that comes with a wardrobe shelve and mixed shelves to put additional things in. It also comes with collapsible covers on a front to censor all away! The cost is flattering extraordinary too! It was $99.95 though right now, it’s usually $29.99 on eBay and they’ll boat it to we for free!  Just click on a couple above to purchase.

$11.24 Sleeping Bag
Finally, if you’re into camping we competence wish to check out this final take we found for you. Sports Authority is promotion an adult sleeping bag thar will keep we comfortable in temperatures as low as 30 degrees. Once, $30, it’s now usually $11.24! Now, that take is prohibited on fire! Just click on a couple above to purchase.

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