Small Home Storage Hacks: What Works & What Doesn’t Work

November 10, 2016 - storage organizer

As someone who recently downsized from 750 block feet to 651 block feet, I’m apropos an consultant during tiny home living. The secret, we find, is classification — creation a many of a space during hand, and opening adult with inventive storage solutions. Here are 9 classification options, with my personal ratings for each.

Under-Bed and Under-Sofa Storage Containers: GENIUS

Just follow a few elementary guidelines:

  • 1. Cover adult your enclosure to keep dirt bunnies during bay.
  • 2. Let it hurl – supplement casters for accessible access.
  • 3. Measure the accessible space with caring to make certain storage boxes will fit.

Closet Organizing Systems: YES, YES, YES

For a initial time ever, we have walk-in bedroom storage with a custom-built closet classification system – unresolved rods during several heights, tons of stout shelving, and best of all, a doorway to tighten when we … let’s contend … temporarily select to live with my closet in a state of DISorganization.

Open Shelves: MEH

IMHO, open shelves are excellent for display off pleasing possessions, fine. But take into comment a need to “curate” your collection, as good as to keep off soil and even grease, in a kitchen.

Baskets: NOT SO MUCH

I adore baskets … as cachepots for homely planters (as prolonged as we set a tiny image – or repurposed yogurt enclosure lid — underneath a plant to locate additional water). For critical storage, I’m not so keen, due to a dirt cause and a fact that they don’t generally reason adult to tough wear.

Tall Dressers, Bookcases, You Name It: YIPPEE!

Vertical wall space is expected a many under-appreciated genuine estate in your home, yet it’ll give we acres of additional storage yet gobbling adult your rooms’ footprint. A COUPLE OF CAVEATS:

1. Anchor high pieces of seat so they don’t turn a tipping hazard.

2. Stash seldom-needed security (ugly holiday sweaters, perhaps?) towards a top, yet safeguard you’ll have access. My step sofa is an indispensable block of home equipment. To equivocate formulating a new storage dilemma, we hang it from a offshoot when it’s not on active duty.

Suitcases and Trunks: BIG YES and A SMALL NO

When you’ve got a minimal volume of block footage, it’s critical to make a many of each inch. Pack off-season wardrobe in new luggage. However, if you’re a form that frequently has to make a quick getaway, this might not fit your lifestyle.

Lowered Ceilings: RIGHT ON

If storage space is in high demand, cruise obscure your ceiling. Adding a mini-attic to your lavatory or corridor is a sincerely elementary carpentry fix. FRINGE BENEFIT: Do this on a tip building of a residence or condo building and you’ll be insulating your home as well.


A behind of a doorway pouch-type organizer seemed like a ideal place to corral all my shoes. Problem was, nonetheless a manufacturer claimed it would reason adult to 10 pairs, we couldn’t fit in even a singular one of my off-hand distance 11 slippers. However, a organizer was only right for storing rolled-up T-shirts.

Multi-Taskers: ABSOLUTELY

Maximize storage when we put your seat to work during multitasking. EXAMPLES: 1. My coffee list has a tip that does what you’d design … serves as a aspect for portion coffee and displaying plants. Underneath, though, there’s a second shelf, employed to keep a beloved board games close during hand. 2. In a entrance, we don’t have a gymnasium table; we have a hall dresser. The tip binds keys, mail, a penholder, etc. while a physique offers handy-dandy drawer space.

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