Snowmaggedon2016: Make a many of a weekend

January 22, 2016 - storage organizer

Planning to stay comfortable and toasty inside this weekend, rather than sled or shovel?

We have ideas for how we can make a many of a charge though putting a toe out in a snow.

Be crafty

Once a kiddos get sleepy of sledding and snowman-building, they’re going to need something to do so they (and you) don’t go crazy.

Lucky for you, Sarah Mock, of West Manchester Township, has copiousness of ideas on her Savoring a Good blog. You can find instructions for creation snowman design from materials we competence have fibbing around a residence — string rounds, buttons, construction paper. Or, we can check out a how-to video for creation flubber, a slippery muck that your kids can use to … well, I’m certain they’ll find something to do with it. Visit to find some-more ideas.

Not feeling crafty? Think about activities we typically wouldn’t have time to do. Dig out a 1,000-piece nonplus from a behind of a closet, or start a family reading of a “Harry Potter” series.

Splurge on snacks

If you’re like me, you’re happy meaningful we have a bag of those ready-to-bake chocolate chip cookies in a freezer. But we have time to be a tiny some-more ambitious, if we want.

Mock’s blog has a recipe for “rainy day s’mores” that would be tantalizing for a snowy day, no campfire required. For an adult snack, if we remembered to strike a wine store before a storm, check out a recipe for inebriated scotch cherries. You need bourbon, dusty cherries and vanilla elementary syrup.

Did we go overboard on milk, bread and eggs? You’ve got a right things for an easy bread pudding.

Organize your life

Or during slightest a tiny dilemma of it. It’s a ideal weekend to tackle some of those clutter-clearing jobs that never seem to get done. Bobbie Spera, of Simplified by Bobbie, has some ideas for starting small.

Take a medicine cabinet. Purge those lapsed meds only in time for cold season, she suggests. Organize a rest by form (pain relief, cough and cold, and so on). You can even use throw paper on some tiny boxes to make some flattering storage.

Or, given you’re removing out a gloves and hats, only keep going and dull a closet.

“Bag adult anything that no longer fits or isn’t used and set it aside for donation,” Spera, who is formed in Lancaster County though provides services in York, said in an email. Collect a remaining accessories in bins or baskets by type, or try a unresolved shoe organizer to corral gloves and hats.

Snuggle adult with your tablet

With your phone, list or other device, we can make a many of your library label while still tucked underneath a sweeping on a couch.

York County Libraries e-library has books, cinema and comics we can steal for free. Visit to check out a resources. And be certain to check out the libraries’ Kids page to find books for them. Scholastic BookFlix offers video read-a-longs for a littlest readers.

Check off a task

The weekend doesn’t have to be all fun and games. Have we collected a papers we need to do your taxes or your destiny college student’s FAFSA form?

Take advantage of this weekend indoors, and it could giveaway adult another sunnier weekend before April. And if we try some of those break recipes first, maybe this won’t seem so bad.

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