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January 12, 2016 - storage organizer

Lynnwood, WA. – SOG® Specialty Knives and Tools has announced a recover of their new line of SOG Packs. A family of 6 bags trimming in stretch from a daily rope container to a full-sized duffel, a SOG Packs mangle a mold on required tactical bags; bringing a line that offer each user prepared for outward adventures or daily carry.

Not usually do a new SOG packs offer standard functions like hydration sleeves, MOLLE connection points, and durable fabrics, though also reward facilities such as Hypalon MOLLE fields, Quad-Zip full entrance compartments, integrated prolonged object carriers, and cessation systems. Contemporary use of tactical packs calls for a need of combined comfort, versatility, and continuance – SOG packs broach on all these advantages and more, all while progressing a neat artless look.

The coherence of a packs offers something for everyone. For longer expeditions, a variable Seraphim 35L or Prophet 33L can residence all your rigging but sacrificing mobility and comfort. For outings shorter than that, a Scout 24L can hoop anything for an overnight or day outing while a Ranger 12L creates a good messenger for discerning escapes.

Modern civic warriors will find that a TOC 20L or EVAC 18L rope can simply classify their daily carry. Whether streamer out for a multi-day outing or a discerning morning errand, there is a SOG container for your needs.

Seraphim 40SERAPHIM 35L
The SOG Seraphim is designed to be a container that does it all by carrying all in a 35L categorical compartment. Equipped with startle cord tie downs, any additional apparatus can be cinched to a outward of a bag, trustworthy to a Hypalon MOLLE field, or strapped inside a fold-down panel. In addition, a singular integrated prolonged object lift caters to a adventurer who’s travels need an axe, fishing rod, bow, or rifle. The mixed of these outmost features, along with a pack’s inner organizing components, make it one of a best and versatile 35L packs on a market.



Prophet 30

For a pack, a SOG Prophet is one that is variable to any purpose. This 33L container goes from trek to duffle bag in a snap by stowing a quick-release shoulder straps and hip belt out of a way. Each side of a container houses lash points for prolonged object carry, application flaps for gripping a weight of a container closer to a carrier, and Hypalon MOLLE fields for some-more outmost connection points for additional gear. Accessing a inside categorical cell around a Quad-Zip means a once strenuous routine of anticipating rigging from a bottom of a pack, now doesn’t need unpacking all on tip of it. This pack’s palliate of use and functionality make it one of a many versatile packs available.



Scout 25SCOUT 24L
The SOG Scout brings approach some-more to a list than any other 24L container in a game. The row loading categorical cell comes entirely versed with mixed interior pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, hydration lift and MOLLE loop field. Accessing a categorical cell by a Quad-Zip allows for we to find your rigging from a bottom of a container but unpacking all on tip of it. Any additional rigging can be cinched to a pack’s side application straps, trustworthy to a Hypalon MOLLE field, or hold on by a Scout’s singular handle prolonged object carry. The tip molded row allows discerning entrance to smaller items, such as sunglasses or phones. Due to a suspension, a entirely installed container can be carried absolutely either going for dual or twenty miles.


TOC 20.jpegTOC 20L
The SOG TOC is a ultimate 20L daypack for a civic soldier or timberland adventurer. Its light altogether weight creates it easy to carry; and a quick- adjust shoulder straps, padded hip belt and firm cessation keep it gentle all day long. As a “Tactical Operating Center,” this container houses copiousness of options for storage and organization: a categorical cell has mixed interior zippered pockets and tiny sleeves, a molded tip contains a tiny organizing complement for discerning entrance items, dual side entrance pockets live on a front of a pack, and a pass-through side entrance laptop cell keeps your cover safe. Whether we are hopping on a transport or jumping over creeks, a TOC creates a good messenger for a complicated user all day.


Ranger 16RANGER 12L
The SOG Ranger is no foreigner to a outing scouting new trails or a day travel in a internal mountains. It’s discerning and light, and a quick-adjust shoulder straps, hip belt, and piece cessation keep it gentle all day. This container houses copiousness of options for storage and organization: a categorical cell has an interior zippered slot and a padded inscription sleeve, a molded tip contains a tiny organizing complement for discerning entrance items, a front organizer slot with some-more interior sleeves, and an hydration lift to keep we hydrated. Any additional rigging can be cinched to a pack’s side application straps or trustworthy to a Hypalon MOLLE field. For discerning excursions, this 12L container carries all we need.


Evac SlingEVAC SLING 18L
For brief stretch carry, mobility, and discerning on-the-run entrance to all your gear, a SOG EVAC 18L rope container is a go-to pack. Side pockets allows for easy entrance to your laptop, with a categorical and delegate cell providing entrance to all your rigging but holding a container off. Inside a categorical cell lives an classification row for smaller equipment that might differently get mislaid in a bottom of a pack. The molded tip slot and front organizer pockets gives we even some-more storage flexibility. This pack’s pattern allows for fast deployment and maneuverability of your rigging but negligence we down.

Available Mar 1st by, a full line of packs can initial be seen during a SOG counter (#425) during SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 19-22.

About SOG
Taking a name from an chosen Special Forces troops organisation from a Vietnam epoch – a Studies and Observation Group – SOG was founded in 1986 by engineer and toolmaker Spencer Frazer. SOG has left on to furnish a favorite models of specialty knives and collection used by a military, law enforcement, industrial tradesmen and outward enthusiasts worldwide. SOG’s different operation of award-winning knives and collection are sole worldwide. For some-more information, revisit


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