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June 5, 2016 - storage organizer

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By Justin Phillips / American Press

Of a roughly 65 Fort Polk soldiers in Lake Charles on Saturday to work with Habitat for Humanity, nothing was meddlesome in removing approval for a work. Instead, they only wanted to sensitively mix into a Southwest Louisiana village that values assisting a reduction fortunate.

The soldiers were from Fort Polk’s 710th Battalion, and their efforts were secure in a U.S. Army’s Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program. Lake Charles is one of some-more than 70 BOSS communities nationwide.

The idea of a BOSS module is to raise a spirit and gratification of singular soldiers, boost influence and means fight readiness.

The organisation began their day with a brief assembly during a storage section nearby Chennault International Airport filled with donated seat from a internal hotel.

Spc. Elise Baldwin, Fort Polk BOSS deputy and a event’s organizer, worked alongside other soldiers for many of a morning, hammering, sawing and shipping pieces of seat to other areas of Lake Charles.

She pronounced a dozens of use members widespread via a segment for a day embodied one of a Army’s primary goals — to turn inbred in communities opposite a nation and emanate certain change.

“It’s one of a primary pillars of what we do,” she pronounced during a mangle in a morning work. “Being a infantryman is about some-more than only troops service. It’s about removing out there and doing a right thing. We’re focused on anticipating any opportunities to assistance an area on a municipal level.”

She pronounced a day’s efforts during their core were only people only being good to one another. And by that, Southwest Louisiana residents can see a “soldiers are here for them.”

Kathy Lewis-Thomas with Habitat for Humanity also spent a morning during a storage area. She described a actions of a soldiers as being a blessing for a community. The seat being damaged down and repurposed fit into a organization’s idea of formulating a tolerable trail for people to turn homeowners.

She pronounced many of a equipment were being sent to a internal Habitat store, where anyone would be means to buy seat next marketplace value.

“What’s function out here is something that might not get talked about that much,” she said. “Everyone should know that there are still inexhaustible people out there who wish to give behind in any approach they can.”


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