Spring cleaning: keep a collection?

April 15, 2016 - storage organizer


CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  We’ve all got a childhood collection kicking around, though that should we keep and when should we chuck them away? Rick Woods, Professional Organizer from The Functional Organizer shared tips.

What Comprises an Essential Collection?
1. You’re ardent and focused about a theme or two.
2. It is organized.
3. Collection is safely stored for discerning and easy reference.
4. You’ve authorised additional room for enlargement on shelf or other storage system.

What are a Pitfalls of a Collection?
1. You’re in it for a income – marketplace is jam-packed – small to no financial value – meddlesome in many opposite collections.
2. Not orderly – many pieces of collection are sparse about home.
3. Some of collection is Lost – haven’t seen many of it for years.
4. Too many other “collections” and new “items” are preventing we from storing collection properly. No room in house.

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