St. Petersburg internal emporium explosion: suspect’s motives

January 1, 2018 - storage organizer

On a eve Dmitry Lukyanenko was arrested for dual months.

Organizer of a militant act in a St. Petersburg Perekryostok internal emporium Dmitry Lukyanenko disclosed a reasons that led him to dedicate a crime during a interrogation. “The ground for it was loathing for a organizers and adherents of psychological training,” a Head of a ICR in St. Petersburg reported.

On a eve the CrimeRussia reported that a box opposite Lukyanenko was reclassified from a essay Attempted Murder of dual or some-more persons to Article 205 of a Criminal Code of a Russian Federation (Terrorist Act). The think himself was arrested for dual months.

The ICR records that information about a reasons that led Lukyanenko to blow adult a store, was also contained on dual peep drives, that a investigators found while inspecting a crime scene. On a electronic media there was a sketch of a bomb device and a hazard to a core Dair, where seminars on improving health and contentment are held,” Fontanka wrote.

The investigators reliable a fact that a suspect has been underneath caring of a psychoneurological hospital given he was 19. In this regard, a debate psychiatric hearing will be appointed.

Dmitry Lukyanenko, according to Interfax sources, considers himself a partial of mystic transformation New Age. According to some reports, a male was also attempted for drug trafficking.

The blast in a Perekryostok occurred on a dusk of Dec 27, an makeshift bomb device exploded in a storage room, 18 people were injured. The blast produce was about 200 g of TNT. The executor of a militant act was incarcerated on Dec 30. At a same time, a militant classification Islamic State, criminialized in Russia, takes over shortcoming for a explosion.

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