Star Wars fans will geek out over this AT-AT wire organizer

November 1, 2017 - storage organizer

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The days of stealing your nerdiness are over. From T-shirts to tattoos to environment your Facebook standing to “in a attribute with Princess Leia,” it’s a good time to let your geek dwindle fly high and proud. But sometimes, we wish a commemoration that’s fun though also practical, and that’s where a DIY AT-AT Cable Organizer Card Case comes in.

Constructed like a four-legged All-Terrain hiker from Star Wars, this majestic multi-tasking box lets we censor wires, powerboards, or swell protectors from any bosses or Imperial army who don’t take pleasantly to clutter. It’s also a good place to store business cards or anything else that Chewbacca needs we to smuggle.

This wooden box comes with all a nuts and screws we need so we can put it together yourself for some fun DIY entertainment. It’s a ideal gift/desk organizer for any Star Wars fan. You can even paint it to give it some additional personalization! 

The DIY AT-AT Cable Organizer Card Case routinely costs $40, though we can get it now for only $32.99, a assets of 17%.

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