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December 5, 2016 - storage organizer

DEL MAR, Calif., Dec. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — “Everyone wins with reusable bags,” says Julie Zizka, creator of The Tote Buddy (, an innovative folder and organizer for reusable selling bags that is now done in a USA by a San Diego-based seamstress. “Reusable bags are improved for a environment, cheaper for stores and eventually some-more accessible for shoppers. And The Tote Buddy creates regulating them easier than it’s ever been.”

When they were initial introduced, reusable selling bags were mostly lost in vehicles or during home, or buried underneath groceries. People truly wanted to use these bags, though it wasn’t indispensably easy. That’s when Zizka had a impulse to rise a smart, elementary approach to classify and lift an collection of reusable selling bags. She finalized The Tote Buddy in 2009, and given afterwards a product has turn hugely renouned – as have reusable bags.

Making reusable grocery bag use simple.

Making reusable grocery bag use simple.

The Tote Buddy is a stylish, high-quality storage resolution for reusable selling bags, that Zizka has called a ideal peace between eco-friendly and user-friendly. It’s accessible in a accumulation of colors and patterns, with new options entrance out frequently. The Tote Buddy functions like a folder for bags; a Velcro closure keeps all firmly in place while shopping. Keys and dungeon phones can be stored in a interior or extraneous pocket, and shoulder straps make for easy carrying on prolonged grocery runs.

Momentum 1 Products, a association behind The Tote Buddy, also manufactures a possess line of reusable selling bags that can be purchased alongside a organizer. These bags are thicker and incomparable than many other reusable bags, so they will some-more than reason adult to steady use. Cashiers and baggers conclude that The Tote Buddy’s reusable bags mount on their possess for discerning loading.  

“Reusable bags are on lane to turn a inhabitant standard, generally after electorate in California authorized Prop 67, that bans many single-use cosmetic bags,” adds Zizka. “With that in mind, I’m exploring partnership opportunities with purse manufacturers looking to deliver stylish and organic reusable bags in dialect stores. “

Since a strange launch, consumers opposite a republic have depressed in adore with The Tote Buddy’s character and convenience. “I positively adore my Tote Buddy!” says Janet of Falls Church, Virginia. “It keeps all my totes orderly and easy to take with me on a moment’s notice. we perceived many compliments on my Tote Buddy’s initial supermarket outing. Christmas is coming, and we only might sequence a few as gifts!”

About The Tote Buddy

The Tote Buddy was combined by Julie Zizka in 2009 to remember and conveniently entrance her reusable grocery bags. The Tote Buddy orderly binds piles of reusable bags, assisting shoppers be some-more eco-conscious and stylish but sacrificing convenience.


Julie Zizka,
Chief of Heart-Centered Commerce (owner) during Momentum 1 Products, Inc.

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