Syria: US starts atmosphere strikes on Islamic State targets

September 23, 2014 - storage organizer

Guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG 58) launches a Tomahawk journey missile

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Footage appears to uncover a issue of strikes, as Richard Lister reports

The US and 5 Arab allies have launched a initial strikes opposite Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria.

The Pentagon pronounced warplanes, drones and Tomahawk missiles were used to targeted several areas including IS building Raqqa. At slightest 70 IS militants were killed, Syrian activists say.

Syria pronounced it was told in advance. But a US says it gave no warning of a timing of attacks on specific targets.

The IS controls vast swathes of Syria and Iraq.

The US has already launched about 190 atmosphere strikes in Iraq given August. However, Monday’s movement expands a debate opposite a belligerent organisation opposite a limit into Syria.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad pronounced he supports any general efforts to quarrel “terrorism” in Syria, state media reports.

Pentagon orator Rear Adm John Kirby reliable a operation, observant “US infantry and partner republic forces” had undertaken infantry movement in Syria.

US Central Command (Centcom) said Sunni Arab countries Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and a United Arab Emirates “participated in or supported” a strikes.

A male inspects a stays of what Islamist State militants contend was a US worker that crashed in Raqqa - 23 Sep 2014Islamic State militants in Raqqa range pronounced a US worker crashed during a atmosphere strikes opposite them

People check a emporium shop-worn after what Islamist State militants contend was a US worker pile-up in Raqqa - 23 Sep 2014The militants pronounced a US worker came down after crashing into a communications building in Raqqa

It pronounced a sum of 14 strikes broken or shop-worn IS training compounds, authority and control facilities, vehicles and storage sites.

The US infantry will continue to control atmosphere strikes opposite IS targets in Iraq and Syria, it added.

US Gen Martin Dempsey, America’s highest-ranking uniformed infantry officer, pronounced a strikes were conducted to uncover IS militants they had no protected haven. “We positively achieved that,” he told reporters.

Separately, Centcom pronounced US army also pounded a network of al-Qaeda veterans named Khorasan who had determined a protected breakwater west of Aleppo and were plotting approaching attacks opposite a West.

Experts contend members of a sly organisation are believed to co-operate with al-Nusra Front – Syria’s al-Qaeda-affiliate – regulating a training bases and resources.

Analysis: Frank Gardner, BBC Security correspondent

These atmosphere strikes symbol a vital change in operations opposite IS for dual reasons.

Firstly, they now enhance a quarrel opposite a limit into a group’s heartland in Syria.

IS knew they were entrance and had already diluted some of their pivotal assets. But it will still be a startle to many that their de facto collateral of Raqqa is no longer a protected haven.

Secondly, a appearance of Arab states spreads a shortcoming to some limit divided from usually a US.

Islamic State will be barbarous by this – it has no effective infantry answers to US atmosphere energy – so those Arab countries that upheld or took partial in a movement might good now be fresh themselves for probable reprisals.


Map display US-led atmosphere strikes on IS targets in Syria and a Arab states that upheld them - 23 Sep 2014

US Military video of barb launch

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Footage shows Tomahawk journey missiles being launched by a US Navy

The strikes targeted Raqqa, an IS building in eastern Syria a organisation prisoner in 2013, and a cities of Deir al-Zour, Hassakeh and Abu Kamal.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that has a network of activists on a ground, pronounced during slightest 70 militants were killed in a north and easterly of a country.

Earlier, it pronounced 30 al-Qaeda-linked fighters were also killed in strikes west of Aleppo, though it after lifted a figure to 50. Eight civilians, including 3 children, were reported to have died.

‘Bombing though consent’

Fighters belonging to Sunni-led belligerent organisation Isis

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In 60 seconds: What does Islamic State want?

Four of a 5 Arab countries took an active partial in a atmosphere strikes, with Saudi Arabia drifting Tornadoes and Jordan, a UAE and Bahrain providing warrior jets, a Saudi central has told BBC confidence match Frank Gardner.

Jordan pronounced a “air force jets broken a series of targets that go to some belligerent groups that sought to dedicate apprehension acts inside Jordan.”

Analysts contend it is poignant that countries with a Sunni majority, like Jordan and Saudi Arabia, are among those ancillary US efforts opposite IS.

IS members are jihadists who belong to an impassioned interpretation of Sunni Islam and cruise themselves a usually loyal believers.

Syria did not rigourously agree to a strikes on a territory, though a unfamiliar apportion pronounced he was upheld a minute from US Secretary of State John Kerry around his Iraqi reflection hours before a raids started.

However, US state dialect mouthpiece Jen Psaki denied this.

She pronounced a US had warned Syria in allege “not to rivet US aircraft”, though had not requested accede for a attacks – or mutual a actions with a Syrian government.

“We did not yield allege presentation to a Syrians during a infantry level, or give any denote of a timing on specific targets,” Ms Psaki said.

“Secretary Kerry did not send a minute to a Syrian regime.”

Barbara Plett-Usher, Rafid Jabbouri, Lyse Doucet

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Analysis from BBC correspondents in Washington, Amman and Baghdad

In other developments:

  • IS militants release a second video display a British warrant John Cantlie
  • Israel shoots down a Syrian warrior jet in a airspace above a Golan Heights
  • Algerian infantry are acid for a Frenchman kidnapped by a organisation related to IS
  • UK Parliament approaching to be recalled in “next few days” to plead infantry movement opposite IS

The US and allies including a UK have ruled out co-operating opposite IS with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, whom they credit of shortcoming for outrageous numbers of municipal deaths during Syria’s polite war.

Hadi al-Bahra, boss of a National Coalition, Syria’s categorical antithesis alliance, welcomed a infantry movement though pronounced “strikes alone can't better extremism for good.”

“The long-term resolution is moderate, thorough Syrian governance that prevents a resurgence of extremism,” he pronounced in a statement.

Refugee crisis

The IS allege in northern Syria has combined a interloper predicament in beside Turkey, with about 130,000 Kurdish refugees channel a limit during a weekend.

Most refugees are from Kobane, a Syrian city tighten to a Turkish limit that is underneath encircle by IS militants.

The UN interloper organisation pronounced it was creation strait skeleton to understanding with a rest of Kobane’s 400,000 inhabitants journey into Turkey.

Before a latest influx, there were already some-more than one million Syrian refugees in Turkey.


 In this undated record print posted on Monday, Jun 30, 2014 by a Raqqa Media Center of a Islamic State group, a belligerent nonconformist group, that has been accurate and is unchanging with other AP reporting, fighters from nonconformist Islamic State organisation march in Raqqa, SyriaIslamic State fighters have forged out a energy bottom in a Syria city of Raqqa

Who are Islamic State (IS)?

  • Formed out of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) in 2013, IS initial prisoner Raqqa in eastern Syria
  • It prisoner extended swathes of Iraq in June, including Mosul, and announced a “caliphate” in areas it controls in Syria and Iraq
  • Pursuing an impassioned form of Sunni Islam, IS has persecuted non-Muslims such as Yazidis and Christians, as good as Shia Muslims, whom it regards as heretics
  • Known for a brutal tactics, including beheadings of soldiers, Western reporters and assist workers
  • The CIA says a organisation could have as many as 31,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria
  • The US has been rising atmosphere strikes on IS targets in north-eastern Iraq given mid-August

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