Test-Driving Bugaboo’s Sleek New $1000 Luggage System

December 22, 2016 - storage organizer

Yes, sir, that’s my baby. Photography by Bubagoo

Any primogenitor who ever desired a baby hiker understands a pattern powers of a Dutch association called Bugaboo. Their renouned and not-inexpensive carriages are like kryptonite to a arrange of worldly amiable adults who name their children Atticus, Edison and Huck. Now a association is out with a line of $1,000 Bugaboo transport bags that once again have a select good into their Etsy handkerchiefs with envy.

Years ago, on a eve of apropos a father, we wrote a renouned square for The New York Times in that we wheeled around a just-released Bugaboo pram though a child inside as a approach to sign a reaction. Spoiler: It incited heads with a prohibited moms in Whole Foods. Recently we did a same thing with a Bugaboo Boxer System, a company’s new interlocking container set. For a weekend outing to a in-laws’ we installed adult a luggage as if we were Kanye on a Club Jet Falcon 50 to St. Barths.

Fully loaded, a Boxer links together 3 pieces: a vast transport container and cabin-size valise, both of glossy polycarbonate, and a four-wheeled framework drum with an attachable laptop sleeve called a organizer. Like a stroller, Bugaboo’s luggage is meant for pulling some-more than pulling, and a initial thing we notice is how light and maneuverable it is. Even with bags pressed to a hilt, a section rolls like a Porsche 911 Turbo and it kinda looks like one, too.

The some-more we use a Boxer, a some-more we grow to adore it. Inside a bags are middle bags that double as daypacks. Those bags can also shave to a outward as additional storage when we buy out whatever you’ve come to St. Barths to acquire, let’s say. The smaller valise fits inside a transport box for easy storage. The organizer conveniently unclips from a framework to double as a laptop receptacle — there’s a shoulder strap, too — with zippered pockets for passport, phones, cords and gadgets. My usually complaint: going adult and down stairs takes a bit of muscle. A tiny cost for roving with such a beautiful companion.

Without a hotel to check into or an outlandish airfield to navigate, we motionless to travel a drift of a gated village to see who we could impress. A 60something lady in a Santa shawl asked where we got my “fancy golf bag.” The man during a confidence embankment done me let him spin it around (the Boxer 360s like a dream). But it was my in-laws who were dazzled a most. When we were leaving, my wife’s mom pronounced it was good saying us though wondered utterly severely if a luggage could stay.

The Cabin Case sells for $400.

The Travel Case goes for $460.

Bugaboo sells a 3 components together for $1,490.

Another package includes a framework and carry-on for $1,030.

A business package facilities a Chassis, Cabin Case (Inner Bag included) Laptop Bag in leather for $1,625.

The service on your in-law’s face when we contend we were merely contrast this on loan from a association rather than indeed paying: priceless.

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