Texas leads US in gas production, employment: report

October 14, 2014 - storage organizer

Houston (Platts)–13Oct2014/502 pm EDT/2102 GMT

Texas’ pro-energy attention position has resulted in a state once again heading a republic in oil and gas production, jobs and other mercantile advantages final year, according to a news expelled by a Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association.

Total healthy gas prolongation for a state was 8.3 Tcf (22.74 Bcf/d) in 2013, compared with 8.2 Tcf (22.47 Bcf/d) a prior year, according to a 33-page State of Energy Report, that measures appetite prolongation and mercantile trends for a Lone Star State and a US as a whole.

“The second-largest writer of healthy gas in 2013 was Pennsylvania with 3.3 Tcf (9.04 Bcf/d), followed by Alaska with 3.2 Tcf (8.77 Bcf/d),” a news said.

Texas also led a republic in sum wanton prolongation with 923 million barrels in 2013, an boost of 198 million barrels compared with 2012.

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The second-largest writer of oil in 2013 was North Dakota with 313 million barrels, followed by California with 199 million, a news said.

“Texas leads a nation in practice and production, due in partial to a pro-business sourroundings and progressive, nonetheless essential proceed from a legislative and regulatory perspective,” TIPRO President Ed Longanecker pronounced in a statement.

The US oil and gas attention contributed to pursuit expansion in Texas and opposite a US, a news said. The attention employed 1,012,800 in 2013, an boost of 3%, or 30,800, from a prior year.

Additionally, attention pursuit expansion via a US continued to arise in a initial entertain of 2014, adding an additional 12,400 jobs, for a sum of 1,025,200, according to a supplemental report, that TIPRO expelled and that provides updated practice information for a initial quarter.

The lion’s share of a appetite attention pursuit expansion occurred in Texas, where oil and gas attention practice totaled 411,600 in 2013. This represented an boost of 23,100 jobs from 2012 levels, representing 75% of all new jobs combined by a oil and healthy gas attention final year.

Texas was followed by a other states with abounding scrutiny and prolongation industries, including North Dakota, that combined 2,100 attention jobs; Oklahoma, 1,800 jobs; and New Mexico, 1,700 jobs, a news said.

Employment expansion continued in Q1 for many heading oil- and gas-producing states. Texas again led a country, adding another 2,400 jobs in Q1, for a sum of 414,000; followed by Colorado, 2,200 jobs; North Dakota, 1,900 jobs: New Mexico, 1,200 jobs; and Oklahoma, 820 jobs.

The news found that on a inhabitant level, a oil and gas attention paid an annual normal salary of $103,400 in 2013, 108% some-more than a normal private zone salary and aloft than normal salary for construction, manufacturing, health caring and other industries. Payroll in a US oil and gas attention totaled $105 billion in 2013, an boost of 1% from 2012.

The news goes on to rebuke attempts to levy additional regulatory restrictions on a industry, claiming that due environmental rules, quite those of a sovereign government, bluster to kill a crow that is laying a mercantile golden eggs.

“A series of state and sovereign issues bluster to delayed swell and suppress mercantile growth,” TIPRO said.

The news also bloody attempts by municipalities to levy internal bans or moratoria on oil and gas drilling or hydraulic fracturing.

Longanecker claimed that such bans would “only outcome in some-more litigation, detriment of jobs and income for vegetable owners, aloft taxes, and an increasing financial weight for city government.”

He blamed “radical groups” as being behind these efforts in an try to stymie a industry’s continued growth.

Sharon Wilson, a North Texas environmental romantic and organizer with Earthworks, took emanate Monday with Longanecker’s avowal that outward groups were pushing anti-fracking efforts opposite a country, observant a industry’s possess missteps led to a origination of a national anti-fracking movement.

“This attention is stranded on stupid. They keep doing a same things that move them these problems,” Wilson said.

She forked to a North Texas city of Denton, where electorate subsequent month will opinion on an bidding to anathema fracking, a initial such anathema to be due in Texas.

“This is an attention that refuses to follow any rules,” she said. “What’s function in Denton is their possess error since they have refused to follow even a many essential reasonable manners and regulations.”

–Jim Magill, jim.magill@platts.com
–Edited by Jason Lindquist, jason.lindquist@platts.com

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