Texas storms cancel Ladies Love Taildraggers Fly-in

May 28, 2015 - storage organizer

With a belligerent already heavily saturated—the airport’s weed runway was not in use—and some-more sleet and thunderstorms in a foresee this week, Birchler said, “Mother Nature presented a conditions this year no one could have forecast.” There is no sleet date for a event, she said.

Meanwhile, American Legend Aircraft Co., whose domicile are located during Sulphur Springs, reportedly postulated some charge repairs to some hangar doors. American Legend, that builds a Legend Cub and Super Legend, was to have hosted tours of a trickery and offering proof rides to the fly-in visitors. Brown pronounced an American Legend worker reported a rollup hangar doorway on a company’s paint and steel phony hangar was blown in, and a tractor-trailer used for steel storage was blown over. A write call and an email to American Legend were not returned.

The Weather Channel reported that some tools of Texas perceived some-more than 20 inches of sleet in May, with a settlement approaching to continue, according to National Public Radio.

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