The best new luggage and rigging from a International Travel Goods Show

March 11, 2016 - storage organizer

  • The Scootie

  • Briggs Riley

  • The Cloud Sleeper

  • Hedgren

  • Stuffa

  • LiteGear Designs

  • Arm-Share

Gearing adult to strike a road? Suit adult with a best new luggage and gadgets to designed to make your time divided from home a small reduction stressful.

Over 300 exhibitors during a 2016 International Travel Goods Show hold in Las Vegas debuted their newest things this week. They showcased a newest space savers to a latest in intelligent luggage and garments designed for life on a road.

The annual tradeshow is a largest muster of transport products in a universe with attendees from over 50 countries. Leading manufacturers and even first-time inventors strike a frame to preview a newest transport products, many before they strike store shelves.

In a marketplace for some new transport gear? Check out a few equipment what will creation a dash via a attention in 2016.

  • 1.nbspThe Scootie

    The Scootie

    Calling all relatives and large families. The Scootie transforms this cold kids’ box into a versatile scooter with a weight ability of 120 lbs. With a elementary fold-up, it goes behind to a entirely maneuverable carry-on.

    Why it’s cool: You’ll finally be finished with carrying your kids’ luggage. 

    When is it available? On sale now

    Price: $99.99

  • 2.nbspSympatico International Carry-On

    Briggs Riley

    The Sympatico International Carry-On Expandable Spinner from Briggs Riley is a world’s initial polycarbonate box with CX expansion-compression technology. What is CX enlargement and because do we need it? The lightweight complement increases make-up ability by 18 percent– afterwards compresses behind down to a bag’s strange distance for easy beyond storage. Compressible luggage strike a marketplace a few years ago – though this is one of a initial hardside compressible pieces.

    Why it’s cool: Eliminate squandered enclosure space with a compressible hardside.

    When’s it available? Jul 2016                       

    Cost: $529.00

  • 3.nbspCloud Sleeper

    The Cloud Sleeper

    The Cloud Sleeper keeps your behind in correct fixing while permitting we to relax in a gentle and healthy brazen position. As a bonus, a law pattern lets we use your smartphone, watch a movie, play games or review a book – all within a pillow. The Cloud Sleeper has a 2-valve complement so we can adjust a tip and bottom sections alone for away tailored comfort. The accessible sham also has an “EZ Inflate” underline so it inflates and deflates in seconds.

    Why it’s cool: Takes adult small to no space; perform yourself while in use

    When’s it available? Mar 2016

    Cost – $29.99-$34.99

  • 4.nbspJunction Backpack


    Introducing a subsequent tech-savvy bag from a Hedgren Connect line. The Junction Backpack boasts 15” laptop storage, inscription pocket, RFID-blocking storage pockets, locking zippers, crushproof slot and a removable phone case. Bags in a line underline storage for unstable battery chargers for phone, inscription and laptop, and comes bundled with a retractable USB wire that integrates with a bag for easy charging.

    Why it’s cool: Never run out of extract for your inclination and demeanour stylish during a same time

    When’s it available? On sale now

    Cost: $119.00

  • 5.nbspOdyssey Jacket


    Finally, a approach to truly leave a residence but a bag to lift around. The versatile Odyssey Jacket by Stuffa is a waterproof, singular skin outdoor coupler with a removable middle coupler with 12 stuffable, secluded pockets.

    Why it’s cool: Forget lugging a bag around and lift your essentials on your body

    When’s it available? On sale now

    Cost: $320.00

  • 6.nbspRolling Mobile Pro

    LiteGear Designs

    Designed for limit versatility, a eco-friendly Rolling Mobile Pro from LiteGear Designs facilities apart particular quick-access pockets for laptop, tablet, smartphone, H2O bottle and table tools, and geared adult with apps: thermal food container, request organizer, flashlight, filigree appendage pouch, neoprene cord manager. Measuring 17” x 10” x 9”, it is also agreeable with stream airline specs for your under-the-seat personal item.

    Why it’s cool: It’s fundamentally a fine propagandize trek for grown-ups.

    When’s it available? Mar 2016

    Cost: $129.95

  • 7.nbspArm-Share


    The Arm-Share turns a profitable commodity – space on a airline chair armrest – into sharable genuine estate. The device, slated to strike a marketplace late-summer 2016, turns an armrest into a double decker space – and we design it will finish a nudge-inducing wordless crusade in a accessible skies.

    Why it’s cool:  End mid-air squabbles by formulating armrest space for all. 

    When’s it available? Aug 2016

    Cost: $29.95

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