"The Room & Shop Organizer": Provides Convenient, Functional Storage in Crowded Small Spaces

October 12, 2017 - storage organizer

QUEENS, NY – October 12, 2017 – (Newswire.com)


The Room Shop Organizer is a shelving complement featuring a wall-mounted plane lane with attachable, tractable rings for holding stored items. Specially designed for storing and organizing elongated, massive equipment on a wall, instead of gripping such equipment fibbing around on a floor. Design vigilant is to yield both homeowners and trades workers with a elementary and effective means of gripping these equipment orderly stored above building surfaces, gripping tiny vital and work spaces giveaway of confusion while avoiding dangerous tripping hazards. It can also be used for room décor to reason equipment such as flower pots.
Fabricated of a durable, high peculiarity ABS cosmetic material, a Room Shop Organizer consists of dual parts: a bottom and a preference of attachable confidence rings. The rectilinear bottom is approximately 6’L x 4 to 6” W x 1 to 1¼” D and in a center, is a slight channel niche supposing to accommodate a system’s confidence rings. Braced with a block prolongation that allows them to snap into a bottom channel are 2-3 cosmetic straps containing tractable brace holes that concede a straps to form a secure ring, between 4” to 10” in rim around a objects that would be stored with a Room Shop Organizer. To use it, name a wall area to implement a Organizer, either a space in a seminar garage, a washing room wall, or blurb timber shop. The bottom of a section can be mounted onto a wall in a straight or plane fashion, depending on a volume of space available. Next name a equipment that need to be stored—unwieldy, form materials can be included, though not singular to, planks of wood, lengths of pipe, rolls of vinyl flooring or carpeting, oversized ladders, and long-handled garden and cleaning collection to name a few possibilities. The equipment will be cumulative onto a Room Shop Organizer around a strong, tractable rings and kept resolutely in place until private by a user. Televised exam selling has recently been finished indicating clever consumer seductiveness in a Room Shop Organizer. 
The Room Shop Organizer is Patent Pending and was invented by John Penalver, Jr of Queens, NY who said, “Making room is not always easy—but regulating a new Room Shop Organizer creates life easier and easier. This product literarily maximizes tiny and swarming work space creation storage room accessible and protected to use. it works.”
EDITOR’S NOTE: Development of this product is being rubbed by Invents Company. For some-more information about chartering or sale, hit a Licensing Department during Invents Company Operations Center, P.O. Box 1682, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576    Tel: 212-620-2629    www.invents.com    

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“The Room Shop Organizer”: Provides Convenient, Functional Storage in Crowded Small Spaces

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