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December 28, 2016 - storage organizer


It’s time to container adult a garlands and lights now that a dispatch and discord of a holidays is behind us.

It’s critical to quarrel a titillate to jam all into boxes and bins and keep a movement of a holidays in motion. A small additional time spent on classification now will save we hours subsequent year.

Following are my tip tips for transforming a headache of tangled lights into ideally stored and labeled bins.


When we lift your holiday bins behind out to put things away, take a demeanour inside and consider a decorations we didn’t use. Ask yourself:

• Did we run out of room?

• Did we change my holiday thesis this year?

• Do we not adore these decorations anymore?

Don’t store what we don’t need. we always request my square-footage order when clients are on a blockade about gripping something. Homes in Silicon Valley sell ceiling of $1,400 per block foot, so any in. counts. Have a concession box on palm and fill it with decorations that we don’t adore or we usually don’t have room for anymore. Letting go can be liberating.

Stay in a zone

Work in zones to container things adult and keep associated equipment together. Use your dining room list or a folding list as a entertainment area to place identical equipment from any section before things go into bins.

Take a time to inform decorations that we don’t consider you’ll use subsequent year, and consider a distance of a bins you’ll need to store what we love.

Common zones are:

• Outdoor lights and decorations

• Mantel decorations

• Christmas tree garlands and ornaments

• Giftwrap

• Linens and holiday dishes


Take advantage of post-holiday sales to batch adult on bins and storage supplies. Always emporium with a list and take measurements so that a products will fit into your storage space.

Here are my favorite storage product tips:

• Keep it simple. There is no need to squeeze a tradition bin for any spray and ornament. Slotted attire boxes are value splurging on. They strengthen a many frail bulbs and can simply fit inside a incomparable bin for additional protection.

• Matching bins make storage a cinch. They smoke-stack easily, and when we go a color-coordinated route, we can simply quantify and find what we have for subsequent season. we have immature and red bins that store all of a Christmas decorations – we adore how elementary it is to ask my father to move them in from a garage, meaningful that he won’t have to puncture for them.

• Try hacks like regulating a toilet paper hurl to classify prolongation cords or a tip of a shoe box to keep holiday lights from tangling by jacket them around for storage.

• Pick your battles. Some- times it’s easier to start uninformed any year, so don’t feel guilty about cleansing additional jacket paper and garlands.

• Try to go as uninformed as possible. By regulating live garlands and trees, we can equivocate a wreck of storage bins, creation a holidays easier on a environment.


It’s critical to go a additional mile and store things orderly where they belong. Holiday decorations are usually accessed once a year, so they should be stored in low-priority areas like a attic, a garage or a storage room in your basement.

• Take time to scrupulously tag your bins.

• Make a list of equipment we need to reinstate or supplement subsequent season.

• Drop off your concession bin during your favorite internal charity.

Following by on this will forestall those decorations from creeping behind into your profitable storage space.


Amanda Kuzak is a Los Altos-based veteran organizer and estate liquidator. For some-more information, revisit

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