The Windsor Boys’ School: Young Design Engineers Emerge with Impressive 3D Printed Coursework

April 6, 2016 - storage organizer

schoollogoThe Windsor Boys’ School has been during a forefront of preparation for over 100 years in a UK, and currently we see that they are fixation their students during a forefront of record as well, training them and contrast their abilities as they learn new skillsets that will offer them good out in a genuine world. These comparison students are rising to a plea impressively too with a array of projects involving 3D copy for their Product Design courses, led by clergyman Phil Hall, who acts as Head of Learning Environment, and Design and Technology — as we’re saying again this year, following adult on final spring’s considerable achievements.

Students concerned in a march are between 16 and 18 years of age, and their projects concerned a lot of prototyping beforehand, with a knowledge display in their final products.


Phil Hall

“Their work was a unsentimental component of a pattern task/brief that they possibly chose or combined themselves,” Hall told

The pattern march is partial of earning a ubiquitous certificate of delegate preparation (GCSE) with that gift being for 16-year-old students, and a anxiety A Level (Advanced Level qualification) for 17- and 18-year-old students. Design courses in a UK face intensity intrusion from a government, which, as Hall notes, “is desperately perplexing to amalgamate this theme (Design Technology).” As we’ve seen repeatedly, STEM preparation and pattern courses in schools lead to stronger students and, ultimately, stronger possibilities for a design/engineering workforce. The projects during The Windsor Boys’ School cover a far-reaching range and offer flexibility for use by small children, teenagers, as good as sports enthusiasts.

“The work was finished regulating AutoDesk Inventor and printed on Makerbot Replicators (we have 3 in a Design Department), regulating ColorFabb PLA filament,” Hall explained to “The models were afterwards finished adult regulating wet/dry paper and silt paper, body filler and finally primed and sprayed regulating unchanging automobile physique sprays. Decals were finally combined to make a products seem some-more authentic.”

Most of a 3D printed pieces were totally finished in 3 to 4 weeks, from printer to spraying.

Contributed by pattern student, George Gibbon

Contributed by pattern tyro George Gibbon

The yellow duck is an A-Level plan for children, meant to be used as a lavatory organizer for equipment like toothbrushes, ear buds, and identical items. The conduct even dispenses palm soap from a mouth when pressed. Not your typical lavatory accoutrement, this object shows good complexity as good as singular aesthetics.


Contributed by pattern tyro Ryan Belchamber

The blue product is also an A-level plan for teenagers lustful of attending events like song festivals. This is a secure storage device and serves as a night light/torch. We adore a tiny drawer!

Contributed by pattern tyro George Egleton

Contributed by pattern tyro George Egleton

The red product with a acrylic sleeve is another A-Level project. This is for immature adventurers and incorporates a compass, night light, Swiss army blade and flint/matches for lighting stay fires. Again, a complexity in these 3D printed equipment is utterly amazing.

Contributed by pattern student, Sam Niall

Contributed by pattern tyro Sam Niall

The ‘monster‘ and a clock are both A-Level projects and are geared toward children. One is a lavatory organizer and a other is an educational training toy. Student Sam Niall offers a fun proceed for kids, as good as a cold retro look.

fiveThe black and white product is an A-Level project. This is a cheap, fun, and multi-directional lighting system for teenagers. The 3 arms all enclose LED lighting systems and are totally mobile to any preferred angle.

Students also combined sports bottles, as good as a fully-functioning orator dock, and a product meant for skiing enthusiasts, permitting them to take prohibited or cold liquids on prolonged runs but compromising performance. These are all GCSE projects.

MiscThe Windsor Boys’ School is a extensive propagandize for boys, ages 13-18, in a UK. The altogether aim is to learn them to grasp their intensity and turn obliged citizens. Hall’s some-more specific aim as their product pattern clergyman is to see that these studies continue, with gifted immature pattern engineers rising and producing glorious examples like a ones shown here. What do we consider of a talent shown here? Discuss in a Windsor Boys’ School 3D Printing forum over during

[All images common directly with, pleasantness of Phil Hall during The Windsor Boys’ School.]

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